20 + Pictures That Will Make You Want To Go Boating Soon

Boating is perhaps one of the best pastimes you can indulge in if you live close to the sea and you don’t get seasick. You can go on the boat, enjoy the wind and waves, and take in the salty air. However, you should not always be so mesmerized by the boating life because sometimes these elements can also become hard to bear. Of course, if you want to begin boating, you have come to the right place. All of these pictures will make you want to go boating in no time so that you can relax and have fun.

Seal Surprise

Boat Life 1 1 We would just be as happy as these women if we were also surprised by such a cute seal in the sea. This seal just wanted to be part of the picture, and it was not afraid to pose with the rest of the women. We are guessing that the platform on the boat is built for this purpose. Whatever the reason may be, the seal looks happy and pleased. Sea animals can be friendly creatures if only you give them a chance. There is no reason to be scared, as you can clearly tell from this cute picture by the sea.

There Should Be Worries

Boat Life 2 1 We know it says no worries on the boat, but I think that this is a time when maybe they should be worrying a little. Regardless of how much of an expert you are at boating, it is still good to take safety precautions and keep an eye out. The owners are trying to rescue this boat, and we just hope that everyone was safe during this ordeal. Being in such a situation is not fun at all, but we are glad that help has arrived. The next time you go boating, make sure that you remain vigilant throughout the journey.

Man Overboard

Boat Life 11 It is always important to be safe whenever you are on a boat so that you don’t fall in the water like this man. Pirate ships can experience high booms, which can lead to the boat swinging around, which means you can lose your balance. This is exactly what has happened to this man, which is why he is overboard. Of course, everyone else is just trying to figure out a way to help him so that he can come back up on the ship with ease. Hold on to your life the next time your boat hits a boom.

Don’t Forget To Cover Up

Boat Life 3 1

Life on the boat is all about relaxing and getting that great tan as you sit and enjoy the waves. However, we will always advise you to wear some sunblock so that you don’t experience a bad burn. Too much sun on the skin and salty water can begin to burn, especially on more sensitive areas of the body. Enjoy the beach and the sun, but don’t forget to cover up and take the right precautions so that you don’t end up burning yourself. After all, global warming and climate change are becoming real problems with each passing year.

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids

Boat Life 5 There are some things you should never try on your own, regardless of how tempted you are and how cool they seem. Yes, this looks cool, but you should not try it because you might end up dismantling the boat. We also don’t know what happened with this specific boat, but we hope that it did not face a lot of impacts. After all, boats are expensive, and it can be challenging to repair them once they have been hit badly. If you have a boat, you must always use it responsibly for your own good in the long run.

Gone With The Wind

Boat Life 18

Most of the time, you will not be able to control the various elements you encounter while boating. This includes various elements, such as tides, wind, sunlight, clouds, and much more. From this picture, we can clearly see that there is too much wind because of the speed of this speedboat that is just powering through. It looks like the hair of this man is just going to fly away, and his face will remain contorted. If you have ever been on a speedboat, you know that this is the face of fun and excitement as the boat makes its way.

Views On Views

Boat Life 7 Looks like you will see two types of views when you go boating because the sea is not the only thing you see. You also notice the people you are with and other people on other boats that are passing by. So, there are a lot of views you can look forward to while you are riding a boat, and you will never get bored. You can just lie down and enjoy the scenery that is present all around you. Once you do, you will love the boating experience and keep going back for more in no time.

Divorce Settlement

Boat Life 9

What do you think is a better deal in the divorce settlement: a boat or a house? We definitely think that the woman got the better end of the deal because you can’t keep using a boat all the time, and it means that the man had no place to live after the divorce. Of course, someone might have also painted this as a joke to make people talk about this boat and laugh. However, this is a lesson for you to always fight for what you want and get what you think is the better end of the deal.

A Lesson In Balancing

Boat Life 8 As you can see, all the weight of this small boat is on one side, which is why there is no surprise that it is unstable and falling down in the water gradually. If you are on a small boat like this one, you have to make some effort to ensure that the boat stays balanced at all times. It will ensure that you don’t run into problems like these that might cause you to swim to the shore. Of course, these people are in some river or lake, so it is not a cause for concern for anyone.

Your New Captain

Boat Life 10 Would you choose a ship captain based on their qualifications or looks? It looks like the person who took this picture made their decision when they decided to make this girl the captain of the boat. Never let any teenagers near your boat and make smart decisions because they will almost always ruin it. After all, boats are expensive, and even the recovery fee for accidents can break your bank. That is why it is up to you to make sound decisions that will not harm the things you own and the lives of other people on the boat.

Boat For One

Boat Life 12 Not everyone likes a big boat, some people just want to be left alone on the water, and we guess this guy is one of them. Of course, this also means that he wouldn’t be able to ride his boat at high speeds, as the motor of this boat is not that powerful. If you have kids and they want a small boat, you can always get this one for them. However, it is not a very suitable option for adults that want to indulge in a proper boating experience. We love the confidence this guy has to take his little boat out all alone like this.

Bikini And Boating

Boat Life 13 There is nothing better than lounging on the boat with a bikini on and getting that perfect tan. Of course, this woman is also doing that, and you can too. It will take all your worries away and ensure that you have a calming day. Winter boating experiences can be fun, but all of us just wait for the moments of sunshine to warm ourselves up, even if it is just for a bit. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next boating trip and enjoy a day full of sunshine and warmth.

Life Is A Balancing Act

Boat Life 15 If there is one thing life is all about, it is balance, and it seems like these guys have lost their balance on the boat. Of course, these people are a little amateur, and they need to learn better boating skills. If you don’t know how to handle a boat, you should always take a professional. After all, it is not nice to end up in such a situation without any help. We just hope these poor men didn’t hurt themselves on this adventure. Injuries from such incidents can be difficult to recover from, especially at the age they are at.

The Water Is In The Wrong Place

Boat Life 17 1 I think these people don’t understand the fact that the water is supposed to be outside the boat and not inside. We have no idea what is happening here, but it looks like these women are having fun, despite the water coming into the boat. We just hope that they were safe and sound even after the water got inside the boat like this. We also see a jet ski, so there are other people around that can easily help these girls in no time. Besides that, the shore isn’t far either, so they can easily swim to shore too.

Bit By The Fish

Boat Life 14

Karma is real because most of the time, we eat, and some of the time, the fish end up eating us too. Keep in mind that some fish also have teeth, which is why you must always be careful whenever you go on a fishing trip. Looks like this guy has learned his lesson and will not be coming close to fish like this ever again. Fishing is always a learning curve, and you learn more about the ocean, fish, boats, and much more. Just be careful while you are at it, so you don’t hurt yourself in the process.

Who Wants Crabs?

Boat Life 16

This girl makes it look as if catching crabs is easy, but it is not as easy as it looks in the picture. The process is technical, and you need to have the right tools and techniques to make it happen. This woman probably didn’t catch the crab and is just holding it with the pincer and posing. Catching crabs is not always fun and games, so don’t be fooled by this picture. Instead, the next time you want to catch crabs, you must go through a process of trial and error to learn how to make it happen.

Safety Is Most Important

Boat Life 20

We can’t stress enough how important it is to be safe whenever you are in the water, especially when you are on a jet ski. Looks like this woman forgot about all other safety precautions that require covering up and is going straight for the life jacket. You can easily fly off and hit the water if your speed is too high and you don’t have the right technique. Somebody teach this woman some other precautions so that she is more careful next time. After all, the water can be unforgiving most of the time, and you can hurt yourself.

Jack Or Jackass?

Boat Life 19 Looks like somebody really does not like Captain Jack, or a friend was playing a prank by writing ass after Jack. We will admit that this is funny, and we appreciate the humor that this represents. Of course, if you also have a friend with a boat who is named Jack, then you can also play this prank on them. We would recommend only doing this if they have a sense of humor; otherwise, you would end up fighting with them, and that is not a good thing. But there are lots of other pranks you can play on your friends like these.

Time To Fly

Boat Life 21

We don’t know what exactly is happening in this picture, but it looks like complete chaos. The people on the jet ski have lost control of it, and it is flying while the women on the shore are in the splash zone, and they are also scared for their lives. We just hope that the women didn’t get hurt and that the couple landed safely after this incident. This is why it is always important to be careful while riding a jet ski because it can easily get out of your control without you knowing how it happened.

The Good Doggo

Boat Life 23 While this doggo may look grumpy, he is perhaps one of the friendliest breeds you will find. If we had a boat with a doggo on it, we would spend most of our time there to enjoy most of our days. After all, the experience of boating will become much better with a four-legged companion to keep us company while we ride the waves. If you have a dog, don’t forget to take them out on your next boating trip. They will be incredibly happy because they will get to experience the water like never before in their lives.

Who’s The Better Catch?

Boat Life 22

Let me ask you a question: who do you think is the real catch, the woman or the fish? We would say it would have to be the former because clearly, there is a lot of fish in the sea that this man catches again. We love that these people have gone the extra mile to be creative and take this picture on their trip. The woman has also done her part and made her legs look exactly like the fish. We love it when people channel their creativity, especially when taking pictures. This is just one example of such a picture.

That’s Not Where The Car Is Supposed To Be

Boat Life 25

We have no idea how this truck got there, but one thing we know for sure is that it is not getting out. After all, it is almost fully submerged in water, and it will take a lot of tools and power to take it out. Maybe the person driving this truck did not have a boat and really just wanted to enjoy the sea. After all, the heart wants what it wants, and there is little we can do about it. It is a little disappointing to see a great just wasted in the sea submerged like this.

Having Fun

Boat Life 24 We are no one to speak about someone else’s body, but it looks like these girls could use some nutrition as their rib cages are showing drastically. However, it looks like both of them are having fun on the boat by the lake with a beautiful lake house behind them. We are sure this picture also makes you want to go to the lake soon and own a lake house in the future. There is nothing better than relaxing by a lake in the summer and forgetting about all your worries, even if it is just for a little while.

Man On A Mission

Boat Life 6 Looks like this man is on a mission with all the life jackets that he is wearing on his body. After all, it is not easy to take care of yourself or others, especially on the sea. However, this picture reminds us of most of the Michelin Man if you have seen him. No amount of protection is ever enough when you are deciding to take a dive in the ocean, especially if you don’t know how to swim. We don’t know the full context behind this picture, but we find it absolutely hilarious and cool. We just hope others also got life jackets.

It Is All Fun Till It Isn’t

Boat Life 26

Let this be a reminder that everything can be fun and games till you get distracted, and it is not fun anymore. As you can see, being on an inflatable tube behind a speedboat is a lot of fun. However, if you are not paying attention, you can easily be flung out of the tube and into the water, just like what has happened to this guy. Of course, when you are thrown off like this, you really get hit by the water, and it can hurt. So, always remain careful whenever you are indulging in such antics in the ocean.

Not A Care In The World

Boat Life 28 As you can tell, this guy has no care in the world, as his woman is trying to row the boat and ensure that they don’t drown. The guy is smoking carefree and is not even bothered that his side of the boat is halfway inside the water. We also aspire to reach this level of carefree so that we can enjoy our life no matter what happens. Maybe this guy needs to give out lessons on how to remain this calm in the face of adversity. We would love to get some tips to live our best life in no time.

Upside Down

Boat Life 27

Boating is all about doing crazy things with your friends on the sea. Of course, these women are also having the time of their life as one of them normally poses while the other two hang upside down. This may look easy, but even hanging like this requires a lot of strength, and it looks like these girls have got it. The next time you go boating, you can also try these different things to have more fun. You can pretend to be bats sailing in the water, having the time of your life as you cruise through.

Stunt Gone Wrong

Boat Life 29

Again, it is important to be careful in the water and not indulge in stunts that you can’t handle. This man on the jet ski was clearly having too much careless fun when the jet ski turned upside down, and this is moments before he went into the water. Whenever this happens, it really hurts, which is why you have to take precautions, or you will end up with major bruises. Next time you are on a jet ski, make sure you go at a reasonable pace and have a life jacket on so that you can remain safe in the water.

My Happy Place Too

Boat Life 31 Truthfully, if we had a boat, a beer, and a cute dog like this, then this would be our happy place too. That is because you don’t need much in life to be happy except the sun, furry companions, and a relaxing day that is meant to take all the worries away. Don’t forget to wear suntan lotion whenever you are relaxing like this so that you don’t get burnt while you are spending the day in the ocean. It is always better to take preventative measures because the sun can burn you in no time without you even realizing it.

Just As Surprised As You

Boat Life 30 We would be surprised, too, if a seal just showed up on the boat while we were living our best life. However, there is no reason to be scared of these creatures because they are some of the friendliest and most lovable creatures you will find in the sea. Of course, this woman has been taken by surprise, and rightly so. It would only take her a minute not to remain surprised and then start petting the seal. They will never do anything because they don’t harm humans, and you can easily touch them without being scared at all.

The Angry Boat

Boat Life 32 Looks like this boat has gone through some rough waters because it looks really angry and clearly doesn’t want to be touched. If you ever go on such a boat, make sure that you go in a happy mood to bring some positivity into this angry ship. The owner of this boat probably did not want anyone coming near the boat or even touching it, which is why it has been painted this way. It is a great tactic to keep all the trespassers away. If we had a boat, we would also do everything in our power to make sure other people stay away from it.

A Huge Engine

Boat Life 34 This boat has a huge engine, and it looks like everyone on it is enjoying the perks that come with it. When boats have such engines, they can easily go at high speeds, and that is another level of fun. Looks like these people are having the time of their lives as they enjoy the cool sea breeze and the clear waters. Thankfully, they are wearing hats so that the sun doesn’t burn them as they enjoy their day on the sea. Summer is coming soon, so don’t forget to make the most of it by having some sea adventures.

Doesn’t Match

Boat Life 33

It looks like this woman’s swimsuit doesn’t match, but it doesn’t matter because she still looks great. This picture is your reminder to work on that summer body so you can also go on a boat with such confidence and not have to worry about what you are wearing and if it even matches. It is challenging to get that summer body because it requires hard work and dedication, but if this woman can do it, then so can you. Think about how good you will look on the boat, and let that image guide you toward your fitness goals.

Cutest Puppy On Board

Boat Life 35

This picture just melts our hearts because this is perhaps the cutest puppy we have encountered on board. The puppy is living his best life on the boat, and he knows it with the way he stands with confidence, as you can tell. He looks right out of 101 Dalmatians but even cuter because it is not a cartoon. This is your sign of adopting a puppy and taking it on the sea so you can enjoy their company in the best way possible. Dogs love water, and they are the happiest creatures whenever they are in the sea.

Three’s A Crowd

Boat Life 37 As they say, three is a crowd, and it looks like these girls don’t think about it this way as they are living their life on the boat. If you have always wanted to go boating with your girlfriends, then this is your reminder to make it happen this summer and go for it. After all, it is never too late, and you can always have a fun trip during the summer. Of course, if you live in a landlocked region, then you might not benefit from this, but you can still do other things with your friends that will involve a lot of fun.

Best Boy On The Boat

Boat Life 4 Who’s the best boy on the boat? Yes, he is, and he is here to welcome everyone else that wants to join the ship. Dogs are one of the friendliest creatures you will find, and this dog is killing it with his looks. Everything from the glasses to the captain’s hat and everything else is on point. If we had such a cute dog welcoming us on board, we would happily be a part of the ship even if we didn’t know anymore. It is also a great marketing tactic to attract more passengers to your boating experience or business.

Zombies Can’t Swim

Boat Life 36

Looks like the owner of this boat personally experienced this, which is why he decided to get it on his boat so that zombies can’t swim. Well, he is not wrong because a skeleton can’t swim. Our bodies have the buoyancy to help us remain afloat in the sea even if we don’t know how to swim. Of course, a zombie does not have that anymore, which is why they will drown in the water. What we don’t understand is why this person got this phrase on the boat. We are guessing they have a reason that we don’t know about.

Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Boat Life 38

A lot of people think happiness is a state of mind is a cliché saying with no truth to it, but that is not true. We don’t need to be rich to be happy because we can live happy lives even with what we have. You can take the example of this guy that doesn’t have a fancy yacht to go on the water, but he has fashioned something for himself. It looks like two floating objects joined together with a chair on top, so this guy can enjoy his beer. He looks perfectly happy, and we don’t blame him.

How Does This Even Happen?

Boat Life 41 1

Looks like this boat was going at full speed and swung into the deck and its roof in this way. However, we still don’t know what the person who was sailing the boat was doing because this is not a normal occurrence. You have to be very careless to end up in such a position where your boat would be stuck to the roof. Next time you are sailing a boat, we would remind you to pay attention and not go at high speeds that you can’t control. Otherwise, you might end up like this, and it will cost you a lot to fix your boat.

Powerful Boat

Boat Life 39 This shot can easily be the cover of a movie or an album because it is the coolest shot, we have seen of someone riding a boat. The shot has been taken from the front with a powerful engine that is helping this person power through the ocean. His outfit is also complementing the color of the boat, and we love everything about this image. The next time you sail a boat, you can also tell your friends to take pictures like these so that you can post them on all your social media platforms.

Fancy Dinner

Boat Life 40 1

If you are ever feeling bored of having dinner on the land, then you can always opt to have a nice dinner on the cruise. As you can see, these people have gone all out to set up a nice atmosphere for a perfect dinner on the sea. The boat is also spectacular as it looks like a beautiful yacht that you can easily sail. You can also use this idea to have dinner with your significant other on the sea. It will be the experience of a lifetime, and both of you will create memories that you will cherish for a long time to come.

Time To Stretch

Boat Life 43

It looks like this person does yoga every day because he has no problem stretching his feet in this way. Maybe he should give classes to others so they can also learn how to be this flexible. After all, you never know when such a skill will come in handy and why you might need it. The person sailing the boat is also enjoying whatever is happening because he has a big smile on his face. We would also start laughing if our friend just randomly did a split in the ocean on top of the boat in this way.

Big Catch

Boat Life 42 Looks like this woman has got a big catch with the fish she is holding. Of course, the fish does not look too happy that it is out of its home, and some woman is handling it like this. If we were in the place of this fish, we would also look like this, and we understand how it feels. A boating experience is incomplete without the fishing aspect, so don’t forget to catch these creatures the next time you are on the sea. There are lots of fascinating fish in the sea that you will witness as you are boating.

The Kids Inheritance

Boat Life 44

We would be happy kids if we had such an inheritance to our names. We don’t know if this label is a joke or if it is true, but if it is true, then these kids are incredibly lucky. Of course, it can also be a bad dad joke to make people laugh as they pass by the boat. We appreciate such humor, especially on boats, because it means that everyone passing by can also enjoy such jokes. If you own a boat, this is a great idea to add some humor to it for some fun as people pass.

This Dog Is Living His Best Life

Boat Life 46

This dog is living his best life, and he deserves it. The wind is just breezing through his coat, the splash from the waves is caressing his face, and he looks happy just to be here. The parent of this dog has also made sure that this dog remains safe as he is wearing a life jacket. It is always important to take care of your fur babies, even if they know how to swim. After all, safety is the most important whenever you are in the ocean. You never know what might happen or what turn the tides might take.

The Sea Dog

Boat Life 45 Seals are also known as the dogs of the sea, and rightly so. That is because these creatures are incredibly friendly and joyful. You can pet them all you want, and they will not say a word. Instead, they like to be pet, which is why this woman is so happy when this seal shows up on the boat. Of course, in this shot, the seal looks a little angry as it has his mouth completely open, but we are sure that is not the case. They are some of the most lovable creatures in the ocean that you will find joy in meeting.


Boat Life 47 We guess these people could not find a better parking spot, so they just decided to let the boat be there. It is not a bad parking spot, but they could have done a better job. Maybe they should go back to a sailing school and learn some parking skills again. Sailing is not just about riding the waves but also knowing how to navigate them and then parking the boat without any issues. Don’t forget to brush up on your sailing skills before you hit the water this summer.

What Do You Mean By Two?

Boat Life 49

We don’t know what this woman is trying to tell us by posing with the number two. Is she trying to tell us that it is two in the afternoon, or there are two people, or something else we can’t decipher from this image? Maybe she did not know what to do while taking a picture, so she just decided to make this sign to confuse people that saw this image. We are definitely confused, but we love the confidence that this woman has. Don’t forget to take this pose as an inspiration for your next trip.

Half Price

Boat Life 48

It says half price, but it doesn’t seem like anyone would pay full price for this anyway because it is less than half a boat. Maybe someone was having a yard sale and decided to sell their boat at half price, but it did not end up happening. It is okay, though; it looks like the boat is not even complete anymore with the way it is like this on the road. If you ever find something like this on the streets, it is most probably something from a yard sale. Sometimes, people sell everything they have.

Too Much Power

Boat Life 50 With great comes great responsibility, and it looks like these men were not up to the task of handling this powerful boat. They lost control, and now it is flying in the air. We just hope it landed safely and they did not drown in the water. After all, it can be really injurious if the boat ends up in the water like this and you end up under it. We wonder who took this picture and if that person helped these two men that thought they could handle this boat, which is clearly not the case.