50 Celebrities Who Went Down The Aisle Again With The Same Person

Cupid works in strange ways. For regular people, it barely strikes once. But for celebrities, it has a special place. While many people find it difficult to find one person to stay true to, the celebrity world differs.

Most famous personalities have been married more than once at least. But some celebrities have married the same person again too. These stars have proved that love is complicated, but sometimes it’s powerful enough to give the relationship a second go.

Here are the top 50 celebrities who have gone down the aisle again with the same person at least once in their life.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a famous American singer. He married his high school lover, Shante Taylor, in 1997. Since then, they have been a power couple and inspiring many people.

However, not many people know that they have tied the knot twice. Their romance seems like a fairytale, but it isn’t. They’ve had their ups and downs quite often. One of them was when Snoop filed for divorce in 2004 due to irreconcilable differences.

Their bond was stronger than what Dogg had thought. He realized he had lost his way. That is why they renewed their vows in 2008 in a second wedding. Since then, they’ve been together, and their relationship remains strong.


Eminem met his first wife, Kimberley, in 1988. They came across each other in a youth home. Kim was 13 years old at the time, while Eminem was 15.

Kim promptly moved in with the musician and his mother. After that, they began their relationship. They dated on and off for years and even had a daughter in 1995.

Then in 1999, they finally tied the knot for the first time but divorced two years later. After the divorce, they remained in touch with each other for years because of joint custody.

In 2006, they decided to give their love a second chance. However, things didn’t work out, and they divorced again after a few months.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera were the most famous artists in the art world. Their relationship spanned for 25 long years. As per reports, their first marriage was an open one.

They were both jealous, and that is what led to their divorce in 1939. However, the separation didn’t last more than a year, and they got back together. After that, they remained with each other until Frida died in 1954.

A year after Frida’s death, Rivera remarried. But he never forgot his first wife. Their bond was so strong that he asked for his ashes to be mixed with Frida’s when he dies.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is one of the most prominent American actresses. She met Don Johnson at a film set in 1973. At that time, she was 14 while he was 22.

However, the two didn’t start dating until Griffith came to be of legal age. They married after few months of dating, and it didn’t last a year. Later they both revealed that they only married to make their dying relationship work.

After 13 years of separation, sparks flew between them again. So they remarried in 1989. After three months, their daughter, Dakota Johnson came into the world. Sadly, they divorced once again in 1996.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson married her longtime friend Rick Salomon in 2007. Unfortunately, the liaison didn’t last long as they divorced after ten weeks. Anderson was the one who decided to separate. She gave fraud as the reason behind her move.

Later in 2014, Pamela revealed that they remarried in a small ceremony. They stayed together for six months and then divorced once again due to differences. This time Salomon had to pay the Canadian actress a hefty sum for settlement.

In an interview, Anderson revealed that Rick never changed. That is why she decided to separate again, but this time for good.

Fred Berry

Fred Allen Berry was the most prominent actor of the 1970s. He is best known for his role in the 1976 show What’s Happening. In that same year, he met his first wife, Franchesska.

They were very much in love and married within few months. But soon after, their romance came to an end. After two years, in 1979, they decided to give their relationship another chance and remarried. This time the marriage lasted for two years.

After divorcing for the second time, Fred never got back with Franchesska again. But he did go on to marry again thrice. All of them were with different women.

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood married three times throughout her life. Two of them were with the same man, Robert Wagner. They tied the knot for the first time in 1957. After four years, they revealed in a joint statement that they had separated.

Ten months after the press release, their divorce was finalized in 1962. After that, Wood married a British producer in 1969 and even had a daughter with him. But they parted ways in 1971.

One year later, she got back with Wagner, and they remarried in 1972. The couple remained together until Wood’s untimely death.

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick was a famous singer who married twice in her life. And both of them were with the same person. She married musician and actor William Elliot in 1966. The marriage fell apart within a year. However, after a few months, they decided to work on their relationship and remarried.

This time they stayed together for eight years before divorcing in 1975. Warwick revealed that her success was the reason behind the second failure.

She was the primary breadwinner of the family, and this was something her husband couldn’t bear. That is why they parted ways on good terms.

Ben Stein

Ben Stein is an actor and political commentator. He is well-known for his role in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In the show, he played the character of a boring economics teacher.

He and Alexandra Denman married each other for the first time in 1968. Sadly, they divorced after six years in 1974. However, both remained loyal to each other even after the separation.

In 1977, Ben once again pursued Alexandra and was able to win her back. They remarried each other in the same year in a private ceremony. They’ve never parted ways since then and are living a happy married life.

Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is a famous singer who married her first husband twice. She and Stephen Craig tied the knot in 1982. After three years, they ended their relationship and got divorced.

After separating from the production designer, she moved on and married another man. However, her second marriage was also a failure. And after the divorce, she reconciled with Stephen.

In 2011 they married again in Las Vegas. Osmond was delighted to have gotten back to Stephen. In a statement, she said that he is a fantastic man and adores her children. They are still together and living a blissful married life.

Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers was a famous novelist and playwright of her time. She lived quite a tumultuous life which included marrying the same man twice. She and Reeve McCullers first tied the knot in 1937.

However, they divorced in 1941 due to differences. Four years later, sparks flew again, and they remarried. This time they stayed together until Reeves committed suicide in 1953.

Carson later revealed that her husband wanted her to die with him too. But she fled while Reeves took his life in their hotel by overdosing on pills. Carson eventually died due to brain hemorrhage at the age of fifty.

Jane Wyman

Actress Jane Wyman married quite a few times in her life. One of them was with former President Ronald Reagan. After three failed marriages, she again tied the knot in 1952, this time with Fred Karger.

Her fourth husband was a famous Hollywood composer. They lived together for three years until their divorce in 1955. Six years later, they remarried in 1961.

Once again, the marriage didn’t last, and they divorced for the final time in 1965. The couple has one child together. Karger married two other women besides Jane. But just like the actress, he also had a knack for failed marriages.

Rosemary Clooney

The aunt of famous actor George Clooney married a Puerto Rican actor twice in her life. The actor Jose Ferrer was 16 years older than her and was already married when they started a relationship.

After getting a divorce from his first wife, they married each other. Rosemary had five children with the film star at the time of their divorce in 1961. She separated from Jose because he cheated on her.

After three years, she finally forgave her ex-husband, and they remarried. But the union didn’t last for long, and they permanently broke up after another three years.

Liz Taylor

Actress Liz Taylor met Richard Burton on the set of their movie Cleopatra. At the time, both of them were married to different people. That’s why their relationship was quite the scandal.

After getting a divorce from their respective spouses, they tied the knot in 1964. They stayed together for a decade until getting a divorce in 1974. As per reports, Richard had cheated on Taylor. But the separation didn’t continue long.

They remarried in 1975, and Burton even gave Taylor valuable emeralds at the ceremony. However, the lovers were doomed. And once again divorced in 1976 due to marital problems.

Barbara Walters

The broadcast journalist Barbara Walters met her third and fourth husband, Merv Adelson, on a blind date. They got married in 1981 but divorced after three years. They couldn’t make their relationship work since they both worked on different coasts.

After two years of break, they reconciled and tied the knot once again in 1986. The relationship continued for six years until the subsequent divorce in 1992. They were both each other’s third and fourth spouses.

Barbara revealed later in an interview that they split on good terms. Not only that, but they remained friends for many years after the divorce.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of the most famous names in the automotive industry. In 2008 his fame increased further when he started courting actress Talulah Riley. After two years of dating, they finally tied the knot in 2010.

After two years of marriage, Elon fell out of love. That is why they divorced in 2012. However, after one year, they got back together and married for the second time. This time their union lasted for three years.

Musk revealed that he loved Riley, but he was not in love with her. That is why he didn’t want to continue a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.

Elliot Gould

Back when he was young, Elliot Gould was more popularly known as the father of the Geller siblings on Friends. His first wife was Barbra Streisand, a famous actress.

After their divorce, he moved on and fell in love with Jennifer Bogart. They first met while he was going through his divorce. At that time, Bogart was only 18 while he was 31.

After four years, they married each other in 1973. Unfortunately, their romance didn’t last, and they got divorced in 1975. They remarried in 1978 and stayed together for the

11 years before parting permanently.

Lana Turner

Lana Turner was a prominent Hollywood star of the early 20th century. She had quite the knack of marrying. Throughout her life, she tied the knot eight times with seven different men.

Out of all the men, she married Joseph Crane twice. First, they tied the knot in Las Vegas. But Turner got the marriage annulled when she learned that her husband’s first divorce hadn’t been finalized.

However, few months after their marriage was annulled, Lana learned that she was pregnant. That is why they got hitched again, but the marriage only lasted a year.

NeNe Leakes

Best known for her role in the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes has had quite an adventurous life. She first married her husband Gregg in 1997 and had a long run until 2011. NeNe filed for divorce to teach her spouse a lesson.

The reality star revealed that her husband wasn’t treating her well. And so she parted ways with him to make him realize her worth. And she succeeded in doing so. Gregg couldn’t keep away from her, and they finally remarried in 2013.

The second wedding was even covered as a Bravo event. For them, the second time was a charm. That is because they are still together.

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren met Carlo Ponti in the 1950s in Rome when she was in the early stages of her career. He had separated from his first wife, but they weren’t legally divorced due to the strict laws of Italy.

Loren and Ponti were very much in love and got married by proxy in 1962. Unfortunately, they had to get it annulled the same year as the Pope had condemned it.

In 1965 they became French citizens, and Ponti finally divorced his first wife in France. Then in 1966, he and Sophia remarried. They remained together until Carlo died in 2007. Loren is still alive but never married again.

Larry King

Larry King is one of the many celebrities who had married eight times in his life. However, unlike most, he married one of the women twice. Her name was Alene Akins, and they married in a famous nightclub in 1961.

The first marriage lasted for two years, after which King married another woman. But he got divorced again and exchanged vows with Akins for the second time in 1967.

They had a daughter together during this time, and King even adopted his wife’s son from her previous marriage. They lived a blissful life for a few years but eventually divorced in 1975.

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard exchanged vows with his college sweetheart Lori in 1989. They went on to have three children and remained together for 14 years. After the long run, they divorced in 2003 due to unknown reasons.

The couple was unhappy with the outcome of their relationship. That is why they decided to try again and remarried two years after the divorce. But their second run was shorter than expected. In 2007 they parted ways for the final time.

It is unclear why both of their marriages failed since they never shared details with the public. However, Howard did admit in an interview in 2015 that he had slapped Lori once back in 2001.

Pryor And Lee

Best known as a comedian Richard Pryor married his first wife for the first time in 1979. He first met Jennifer Lee, an interior designer, when he hired her to redesign his home. Lee fell in love with him at first sight and was charmed by Pryor’s personality.

They separated after three years of marriage. Lee cited his drug addiction as the cause of the breakup. And after 19 years, they rekindled their romance. Pryor got in touch with her after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

After meeting up, sparks flew, and they got hitched again in 2001. The couple remained together until Richard’s demise in 2005.

Judge Judy

Judge Judy and her husband Jerry are the Hollywood soulmates. They had a bumpy relationship and even got divorced once. But they found their way back to each other.

They first exchanged vows in 1977 and stayed together until 1990. The couple split the first time due to various reasons. One of them was the emotional stress that Judy experienced after her dad’s death.

However, after getting her life back on track, Judy once again married Jerry in 1991. This time they were stronger than ever and never split again. Now they have five children together.


The famous stand-up comedian Sinbad married twice in his life. Interestingly both of them were with Meredith Adkins. They met at the same university and dated each other for some time. But it was still too early for Sinbad when they got hitched in 1985.

They remained together for seven years and split in 1992. After a decade, they once again fell in love with each other. Or maybe they were never out of it. Nonetheless, they remarried in 2002.

It took a decade for them to realize that they were meant to be. The couple is still together and even has two children.

Pryor And Belaine

Richard Pryor married seven times in his life. But that isn’t the most interesting. What’s so interesting is that he married two of the women twice. After divorcing his third wife, the comedian met actress Flynn Belaine at his gig in 1984.

They dated each other for some time and got married in 1986. But the marriage didn’t bring them joy. That is why Pryor divorced Flynn after two months of exchanging vows. After three years, they remarried, but it didn’t work out, and they divorced after a year.

After the second divorce from Flynn, Pryor married his third wife again in 2001 and remained with him until his death.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is a cosmetics mogul who met Joseph Lauder when she was 19 years old. At that time, her company was in its early stages, and she worked hard to become a leading entity in the cosmetics industry. She married Joseph in 1930.

However, after the company’s success, their relationship became strained. That is why they split in 1939. But they found their way back to each other and remarried in 1942.

The second time around, they were stronger and remained together until Joseph died in 1982. After that, Estee never married anyone else for the rest of her life. The couple also has two children.

Oleg Cassini

The well-known fashion designer Oleg Cassini had quite the talent. Aside from creating iconic clothing, he wrote a few books. He also appeared on many television shows. Not to mention he married four times, although two of them were with the same woman.

Oleg married actress Gina Tierney in 1941. They had two daughters, both of whom are dead now. In 1946 the couple separated and started their divorce proceedings. The divorce would have been finalized in 1948, but they decided to make their relationship work. After renewing their vows, the couple stayed together for few years but ultimately divorced in 1953.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian actor and martial artist. He is best known for his work in the Van Damme series. That is where he got this last name from.

The actor married Gladys Portugues in 1987 for the first time. She was a bodybuilder and his third wife. However, the marriage fell apart in 1992 after Van Damme cheated on her with actress Darcy LaPier. He married Darcy in 1994 but divorced her after three years.

Later in 1999, Van Damme got back with Gladys, and they remarried. Since then, they’ve been together and have two children as well.

Paul Hogan

Best known for his movie Crocodile Dundee Paul Hogan met his first and second wife when he was a teenager. Her name is Noelene Edwards, and they met at Hogan’s place of work. Back then, the famous star was a lifeguard at a local pool.

They tied the knot in 1958, and by the time Hogan was 19, they had their first son. They went on to have more kids and have five offspring altogether. The couple split in 1981 for less than a year.

After the brief separation, they remarried but parted their ways permanently in 1989. They split because Hogan fell in love with one of his co-stars.

George Campbell Scott

George Campbell Scott was an Academy Award-nominated actor who married Colleen Dewhurst twice. The actress herself was an Emmy Award winner. The two met during a theater production in 1958 and liked each other.

After almost two years of dating, they got hitched in 1960. After five years of marriage, they split in 1965. But two years later, they decided to leap again and remarried. The second marriage also lasted for five years.

In 1972 they split permanently and had two sons together. The couple is a prime example of the saying some things aren’t meant to last.

Stan Laurel

During the era of actor Stan Laurel, divorce was quite taboo. But that didn’t stop him from marrying six times. It is to be noted that two of them were with the same woman.

He married his third and fifth wife, Virginia, in 1935. The liaison didn’t last, and they divorced after two years. When filing for divorce, Laurel admitted that he wasn’t yet over his first wife.

Before reuniting in 1941, the actor had gone through another failed marriage. However, the second time around, the marriage lasted longer. This time they remained together for five years before divorcing.

Jacki Weaver

Before stepping into Hollywood, the Australian film star Jacki Weaver was married to Derryn Hinch. He was an Australian senator and a famous personality too.

They exchanged vows in 1983 and stayed together till 1996. Then, after thirteen years of marriage, they decided to part ways. However, the split was brief. They reconciled in 1997.

Unfortunately, their romance wasn’t meant to last. A year after the second marriage, Weaver left Hinch. As per reports, she had another man in her life.

Weaver went on to have many partners after the divorce. Ultimately she settled with Sean Taylor in 2003.

Lotte Lenya

Austrian singer Lotte Lenya is well-known for her extraordinary vocals. Her best performances are considered the songs she wrote for her first and second husband, Kurt Weill.

The musician met Weill in 1924 through a mutual friend. They married in 1926 but later parted ways in 1933. The split only lasted for two years. And in 1935 both emigrated to the US.

Two years later, in 1937, they got hitched again. They lived a blissful life in New York until Weill’s demise in 1950. After that, Lenya went on to marry three other people. Her third and fourth marriages ended when the spouses died.

Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield was a stand-up comedian and a loyal man. He married Joyce Indig for the first time in 1949. The couple led a blissful life until their divorce in 1962. The couple had two children then, and Rodney even gave up on his life as a comedian to support them.

However, the separation was brief, and they remarried after being apart for 18 months. Dangerfield and Indig remained together for another seven years before divorcing again in 1970. After that, Rodney returned to being a comedian. In 1993 he married another woman and stayed with her until his death.

Neil Simon

Screenwriter and playwright Neil Simon married his third wife, Diane Lander, twice. The couple married in 1987, but their romance didn’t last even a year. They got divorced in 1988 and remained apart for two years.

In 1990, sparks flew between the ex-couple, and they remarried in the same year. This time their relationship lasted longer, and he even adopted Diane’s child from a previous relationship. They stayed together for eight years until their divorce in 1998.

One year after the second divorce Neil married actress, Elaine Joyce. They remained married until he died in 2018.

Dorothy Parker

American Poet Dorothy Parker is famous for many things. She married her second and third husband, Alan Campbell, in 1932. Campbell was an actor who aspired to be a screenwriter.

The couple tied the knot in 1934 and soon after made their entrance into Hollywood. They worked as freelancers and took jobs from various studios. Their marriage faced bumps due to Parker’s addiction to alcohol and Campbell’s affair with another married woman. This led to their first divorce in 1947.

They remarried in 1950 but separated after two years without a divorce. In 1961 they reconciled and remained together until Campbell’s death.

Jennifer O Neill

Brazilian actress Jennifer O Neill has had quite an adventurous life. She is one of the few female celebrities to have married nine times. Not only that, but she married her sixth husband, Richard A. Brown, twice.

The couple first hooked up in 1985 and then married a year later. In 1987 they had a child together, and two years later, they broke up. After that, Jennifer married another person but left him in 1993.

In the same year, she got divorced for the seventh time and got back with Brown. They married in 1993 but divorced again in 1996.

Milton Berle

American actor and comedian Milton Berle lived a famous life. He started his career as a child actor and rose to prominence due to his skills. The actor married four times in his life. Two of them were with Joyce Mathews, a showgirl.

They got hitched in 1941 and even adopted their daughter, Vicotria. The marriage lasted for six years. In 1947 they divorced each other but got back after two years.

However, the second marriage wasn’t meant to last. In less than a year, they got divorced again. In 1989 the actor revealed that his mother was why his marriages with Mathews didn’t last.

Jack Carter

Actor, comedian, host Jack Carter married Roxane Wander twice. Before meeting Wander, he had married twice already. The couple started dating in 1970, and after one year and nine months, they got hitched.

After seven years, in 1977, they divorced due to reasons unknown. It took them a long time to reconcile, but they eventually did in 1992. After remarrying, they remained together for the next 23 years.

The second marriage ended after Carter died in 2015 due to respiratory failure. He is survived by his two sons, one daughter, and two grandchildren. At the time of his death, Roxanne was alive, but her status now is unknown.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. He is one of the rare Presidents who married the same woman twice. He and Rachel Donelson are still considered legendary lovers.

The two met in 1788 and grew fond of each other. They eventually married in 1791, but the marriage was invalid. That is because Rachel never knew that her first divorce hadn’t been granted.

In 1794 her first husband was granted the divorce on the grounds of adultery and abandonment by Rachel. After she had been legally divorced, Donelson and Jackson remarried. They remained together until Rachel died in 1828.

Joyce Mathews

Showgirl Joyce Mathews married two different men twice during her life. In the 1940s, she married Milton Berle. They divorced and then remarried. But their union didn’t work out the second time too.

Two failed marriages with Berle didn’t discourage the showgirl from marrying again. In 1956 she tied the knot with Billy Rose, a lyricist and theatre actor. They parted ways in 1959, and surprisingly it was the same month in which they had married.

In 1961 she remarried Billy, but their union wasn’t meant to be. They divorced in 1964, and two years after that, Billy died.

Kid McCoy

Norman Selby, popularly known as Kid McCoy, was an American actor and boxer. Not only his fighting career but his life outside work was also colorful. The prizefighter married ten times, but three of them were with the same woman, Julia Crosselman.

He married Julia in 1897 after two failed marriages. Meanwhile, it was the fourth marriage for Crosselman. They lived blissfully for three years before divorcing in 1900.

A year later, he remarried her, but they divorced in the same year. Then in 1902, they again tied the knot. Unfortunately, the third time was also not a charm for them. They divorced permanently in 1903.

Robert Bolt

Robert Bolt was an English screenwriter who won Oscar not once but twice. Besides that, he even married the same woman twice. He exchanged vows with British actress Sarah Miles first in 1967.

Bolt had one child from Miles, and they divorced in 1976. After that, he married another actress in the early 1980s. The union was short-lived, and he divorced his third wife soon.

Finally, in 1988 Bolt and Miles remarried. This time they stayed together until he died in 1995. Bolt died due to a heart attack and had four children altogether. Three were from his first marriage, while one was from Miles.

Gloria DeHaven

American actress Gloria DeHaven married her third husband, Robert Fincher, twice. Fincher was the son of an automotive dealer. They first married in 1957 and remained together until 1963.

During the first time around, she and Fincher had a son and daughter. Besides them, DeHaven also had two other children from her first husband. Fincher and Gloria remarried in 1965.

However, theirs was a marriage that wasn’t meant to continue. In 1969 they divorced for the final time. After that, Gloria never married anyone else. She died in 2016 in hospice care. Her four children are continuing her legacy.

James Thomas Farrell

American novelist and poet James Farrell lived long enough to marry three times. He first married Dorothy Butler in 1931, and they remained a couple for a decade. In 1941 they got divorced, and soon after, Farrell married a stage actress.

He had two sons from his second marriage, which lasted for fourteen years. In 1955 he got divorced from the actress, and in that same year, he reconciled with Butler. They remarried but split after three years.

However, they never divorced each other legally. Dorothy remained Farrell’s wife until he died in 1979. Meanwhile, she died in 2005.

Mel Ferrer

Actor Mel Ferrer rose to prominence by performing on Broadway. After that, he scored films and then television shows. He also married five times, of which two were with actress turned sculptor Frances Gunby.

Frances was his first wife, and they married in 1937. They had one child together too. But the kid died before their first divorce. In 1939, they divorced for the first time, and a year later, Mel married Barbara Tripp.

After divorcing his second wife, Ferrer remarried Gunby in 1944. They remained a couple until 1953. They had two children together this time, one of whom was conceived while he was married to Tripp.

Eugene Fodor

Classical violinist Eugene Fodor lived a turbulent life. His career went downhill in the 1980s. He even got arrested once for drug possession. Besides that, he also married thrice.

In 1978 he married his first wife, Susan Davis. They divorced in 1986, and a decade later, Fodor married another woman. The second marriage also failed, and he was once again divorced in 2009.

After that, in 2010, Eugene married his first wife again. They remained together until he died in 2011. He died due to cirrhosis after battling alcohol addiction for years. His three children from Susan survive him.

Ricardo Pancho Gonzales

Ricardo Gonzales, also known as Richard Gonzales, was a tennis player in the US. He was not only a fan favorite but a tough competitor too. His opponents used to be intimidated by him due to his short temper.

Gonzales married six times, two of which were with actress Madelyn Barrow. The couple exchanged vows twice and had three children together. Two of the kids were twin girls.

After getting divorced from Barrow the second time, Gonzales went on to marry two other women. He had a total of nine children and passed away in 1995. He was estranged from all of his ex-wives and children.

Carol Grace

Actress Carol Grace was a beauty with wits. People loved her company, and as per reports, she is the inspiration behind one of the characters of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Grace married William Saroyan in 1943 and got divorced in 1949. Two years later, they remarried in 1951, but the union only lasted a year. She gave birth to two children. Her son is an internationally acclaimed writer, while her daughter, an actress, has passed away.

After divorcing Saroyan the second time, Carol revealed that he was abusive. She married another man in 1959, and they remained a couple until he died in 2000.