Beyoncé Gets Record-Braking Awards At The Grammy’s And She Knows Exactly How To Own Them

Beyoncé knows how to stun people. After saying that she should not be expected at the Grammy’s show, everyone was quite shocked to see how she seamlessly entered the Grammy afterparty. The singer looked nothing less than stunning in her shiny dress. Well, there is no way that she would ever disappoint when it comes to her dresses. But, it is clear that the dress was made to make her shine like that star that she is. 

The Perfect Dress

The dress was created by Burberry, which accentuates that singer’s waist with its corset-like look. As soon as you look at the pictures presented, you will see the star dazzling in her silver mesh dress. There is so much going on in the dress, and we are all in awe of it. The dress not only hugs the waist with its corset, but it also has a long tail that follows it. It gives off a pretty majestic feel, especially since Beyoncé was wearing it. The high-neck, full sleeves, and the long tail gave the right look to the singer’s silhouette. It was defining, mesmerizing, and screamed that is indeed a star. 

The Accessories Added

The star made sure to add the right accessories when it comes to her look. She went easy on the neck and arms, but went all out when it came to the ears. She donned beautiful multiple hoops, which has diamonds dangling underneath them. It was quite a vision having to look at her in all of her glory. The dress also came with a sequence mesh face cover, which made everything so much better. It feels as if she was glowing and sparkling head to toe. 

Personally Documented Pictures 

Beyoncé was nice enough to share some behind the scene pictures with us. The personally documented pictures are quite phenomenal. You will see a black background, with Beyoncé standing right in the middle. It seems as if she is sparking to the next level. If you’re looking for something to give you outfit inspiration, then this is it. The silver and black contrast made everyone go crazy over the look. It was the perfect layout to emphasize her look, and make her stand out in the best way possible. 

Celebrating With Jay-Z

There are other, more intimate pictures of her with Jay-Z, where they are celebrating her win. It is quite interesting to see that Jay-Z supported a completely black and cool outfit to accompany his wife. The singer posed in a picture while kissing her husband on the cheek. It is quite an adorable picture and the fans are loving it. More than that you will also find some typical shots from Beyoncé for the Grammy’s as well. For instance, you will see that she poses in front of the Grammy background, while making sure that her awards lay right in front on her feet. It is quite an iconic picture which showcases her confidence, strength, and achievements quite beautifully. The dress was the talk of the town when it came to this award ceremony.