Beyonce Pays Homage To Yeehaw Agenda

The Wild West culture has been an integral part of American pop culture. Many artists have used it as the theme of their music videos and concerts. However, the contribution and history of black cowboys have been significantly overlooked.

That is why many black artists have taken the task of preserving black history upon themselves. The most recent attempt has been made by none other than the queen of pop culture – Beyonce. Her Ivy Park collection is a direct homage to the Yeehaw Agenda.

Here is everything you need to know about the Yeehaw Agenda and Beyonce’s contribution to it.

What Is The Yeehaw Agenda?

This trend came into being three years ago. In the Wild West, 1 in every 8, eight cowboys were African American. Despite that, black history has been significantly erased in western culture.

To preserve their culture and pay tribute to their unsung heroes, black artists started a movement in 2018. It involves dressing up as cowboys and posting images on social platforms. The main aim is to ensure that there is an archive so that the contributions of the black community are never forgotten.

The movement does not simply mean posting stylish photographs to gain more followers. It also involves highlighting the impact that black artists have on country music.

Beyonce’s Rodeo Collection

On 20th August 2021, Beyonce released her fourth Ivy Park collection. And this time, the theme is centered around Wild West. That is why the line is called Rodeo.

The collection features many apparels and has been handpicked by the pop queen. It includes denim jackets and chaps, skirts, low-waist jeans. Besides that, there are also five shoe designs.

What Inspired The Wild West Theme?

It is with no doubt that Beyonce is the queen of themes. Every year she brings something extraordinary for the audience. And this year’s highlight is the Rodeo collection.

When asked about the inspiration behind this line in an interview, the pop star was quick to answer. She said that growing up, she used to attend the Houston rodeo every single year. The diversity and cultural experience of the event have greatly influenced her.

Besides that, the history of Black American cowboys also inspires her. That is why she wanted to pay tribute to her community through this collection. In the interview, the musician talked about the discrimination black cowboys went through during the Wild West.

The Houston native also talked about how black rodeo performers helped their community regain their rightful place in the western culture.

Final Thoughts

This attempt by Beyonce has once again brought the Yeehaw Agenda into the spotlight. And now the movement is stronger than ever. The Rodeo collection has taken the activewear line to a new level.

Besides that, this is the first Ivy Park collection with children’s clothing. Beyonce shared that the inspiration for this came from her children. It became available to people with a few drops on 19th August. But now, the collection is open to all.