Britney Spears Wants To Chat With Oprah After Feeling Inspired By Harry And Meghan

Much like Princess Diana’s interview tape, Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Opera took the world by storm. Seems like Britney Spears will be following in their footsteps. The singer who rose to fame in her teen years for songs, such as Oops! I Did It Again, was reportedly incredibly moved by Harry and Meghan’s interview.

The Oprah Interview 

The infamous interview that Britney Spears was reportedly inspired by was the interview where they both opened up about the racism Meghan Markle had to face while living with the Royal Family. Meghan also opened up about other sensitive topics, such as having suicidal topics. Of course, this interview would inspire a wide variety of people to not only understand but also engage in starting the conversation about such important topics that are often overlooked. Just like Meghan, Britney hopes to share what she has gone through as well.

Britney’s Current Situation 

Living life in the public eye is seldom ever easy, where celebrities can often crack under pressure. Since the year 2008, Britney had been placed under the conservatorship of her father. For all those who don’t know exactly what this means, here’s a simple explanation. A person put under conservatorship is deemed to not be fit enough to make sound decisions regarding important decisions, such as financial decisions. So, when making these important decisions regarding her life, Britney must get the approval of her father. At the age of 39, Britney spoke up about wanting this conservatorship to be removed. However, this appeal was denied and the court ruled that Bessemer Trust along with her father will be given equal power over Britney’s financial matters.

Britney’s Plan 

According to an insider, after watching the interview, Britney felt a sense of camaraderie with Meghan Markle because of how they both felt a sense of entrapment. Not to mention the toll that these feelings had on their mental well-being. The insider mentioned that with her dad still a part of the conservatorship, Britney’s life is not her own, rather every part of it is being controlled. This had pushed Britney to stay silent. However, we can now see her starting to fight and try to take control back after appealing to have her conservatorship removed. The insider specifically mentioned how she wanted to address any rumors that were circulating. 

Jamie Spears 

An article was published in the New York Times, which placed a light on Britney’s issues with Jamie Spears, her father. This article was published after her documentary “Framing Britney Spears” was released, which explored the legalities behind the conservatorship. It essentially explored how her father got control over not only her finances but also her day-to-day life. Jamie’s motives were then termed as questionable by a letter TMZ was obtained. Since then, Jamie has voiced rebuttals claiming that the conservatorship was only placed to protect Britney. 
Vivian Thoreen who is Jamie’s attorney has been vocal that since the conservatorship was placed it has only included opinions by experts and works on an annual system of checks and balances. She also claimed that the conservatorship isn’t managed by Jamie alone rather works under a private professional fiduciary.