Carnage Is a Venom Sequel Many Will Feel Isn’t Worth Watching

The film is a sequel to the original Venom, released in 2018. It stars Tom Hardy as the titular character and Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake, head of the evil Life Foundation.

For its intended audience, this latest superhero flick falls short on most levels. It’s unimpressive on the technical merits, its predominantly uneventful narrative, and the lack of character development.

With all that said, Carnage is still a box office hit. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic caused Carnage not to be released on several dates. Marvel can’t help that, but it didn’t seem to put a dent in the movie’s ability to make money.

It all boils down to the characters that everyone knows and loves

Venom has terrible CGI. It also has terrible effects on its characters. The symbiote goes onto the characters in green, purple, green, purple on and on. It is annoying to watch. It’s not scary. It also doesn’t look like Venom.

Technical deficiencies aside, the film suffers from the significant problem of uninteresting story and characters. Hardly anything happens in the film, not even something remotely interesting. Even the bad guys are boring to watch.

Only die-hard fans will enjoy this movie

Many of the moviegoers and critics criticized the movie for its lack of character development and poor CGI.

The movie has grossed a ton of money, so someone out there likes it. However, if you’re on the fence about the whole Venom thing, you’re probably not a die-hard fan who’ll buy anything that Marvel spits out.

The CGI looks rubbery and fake. Some of the characters look like they were out of a bad movie. The movie is also hard to follow. It doesn’t flow well. There are also plenty of plot holes.

You feel like you’re watching a B movie with a big budget

It’s like some guy ran around town, taped together some random pieces of film, made a movie with it. He spent millions on the movie, and the movie didn’t turn out well. But some people actually like it.

The movie has no concept of pacing. It’s interesting but still boring to watch. The movie is full of plot holes that are hard to follow. The entire movie doesn’t make sense, not even in the slightest bit.

Carnage is predictable

There are plenty of plot holes that do not make any sense. The movie doesn’t make sense. The whole thing does not make sense.

Venom is mostly known for its two symbiotic super-powered characters. One is the anti-hero Venom, an alien parasite who ends up bonding to the human Eddie Brock. The other is Carnage, who in this movie is brought forth from the symbiote. Both are mean, nasty, evil, and downright violent.

Is Carnage worth watching or not?

According to the critics, Carnage is disappointing.

It’s a disaster from beginning to end. It’s hard to follow and feels like a B-movie. It also fails from a story standpoint. It does have some good parts, though. It does have some good effects.

So, if you’re the type who loves to munch on popcorn while watching the latest CGI, then Carnage is a good choice for you. However, if you’re looking to watch a movie that will make you think or be interested in the characters, you are better off sticking to another movie altogether.