Cruella Sequel: What Disney Has In Store For You

It has not even been a month since the release of Cruella, and Disney is already working on developing the Cruella sequel. Emma Stone, who is already beloved by millions, became an even bigger hit after the release of this prequel. She will return for the sequel along with screenwriter Tony McNamara and director Craig Gillespie.

Here is everything you need to know about the Cruella series and what Disney has in store for us.

Cruella: The Prequel

The prequel was released on May 28th, and it was an instant hit on Disney+ and in theatres. On Disney+, it was available under the Premier Access tier, which meant that it was available for members to purchase at $30. Ever since then, the film has globally earned $48.5 million, and it has received many positive reviews worldwide.

Curella was one of the biggest hits of the box office this year for Disney as it earned:

  • A 97% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes
  • A’s in all demographics from CinemaScore during the opening weekend
  • A rank of one of the most popular live-action reimagining’s

Because of this success, Disney has already started developing the sequel. Of course, it is still in early development, and we have yet to see what they have in store for us. As usual, Disney is not revealing any details to the audience at this time as it is still in its early stages of workings.

What We Know About The Cruella Sequel

All we know for now is that Tony McNamara and Craig Gillespie will be working on the sequel. However, Disney has not revealed any release date details or plot details yet. It has been a month since the prequel came out, which is why Disney is keeping everything on the down-low.

Fans are already speculating if Cruella will skin one of the dogs alive in the sequel, but we believe that it will lower the popularity of the movie among fans. However, you never know as Disney has continued to surprise us with their movies before. We will have to wait and find out to see what happens when the release dates are announced.

However, we can speculate what the plot will be based on the two puppies we meet at the end of the prequel. There will be some twists and turns, and we might see Cruella threatening the dogs in the sequel. Emma Stone has done justice to the character, and the star is all set for the sequel.

Are you as excited as us about the coming sequel? If you are, then you can watch other Disney+ movies while you wait for the sequel to come out. There are endless options for you to take a dive into the Disney world and enjoy the experience.

We hope the sequel is released as soon as possible because our excitement is at its peak. We hope you are just as excited as us for the Cruella sequel.