Denzel Washington’s Reaction After Will Smith’s Oscar Slap

They were stating their opinions. Denzel Washington and other A-listers flocked to Chris Rock’s aid when Will Smith assaulted him at the 94th Annual Academy Awards.

There’s a proverb that goes something like this: If the devil doesn’t notice you, then you must be doing something wrong. The devil, however, disagrees, declaring him to be his particular favorite. When Satan strikes, he may be doing the right thing. That night, the devil had him in his hands when he awakened for no apparent reason.”

On March 27, Chris Farley made a joke about his ex-wife Jada Pinkett Smith and her shaved head at the Academy Awards. She tied the knot with Chris Farley in 1997. Rock, 57, says that Pinkett Smith, 50, would star in a sequel to G.I. Jane 2 if it were made. The alopecia patient from Maryland rolled her eyes the whole while the speech was going on, and it was kind of funny. Instead of waiting for Rock to approach the stage, Smith rushed up and struck him square in the face.

As he sat down, Smith said, “Stop using my wife’s name!” After the fight, George Washington, Tyler Perry, and Diddy came to the rescue.

Macbeth actor Macbeth, who was nominated for Best Lead Actor at the Grammy Awards on Saturday night, said, “There’s no way I could have remained in my seat.” In reality, “This is not who I am” To put my mind at ease, Tyler Perry and a few other celebrities stepped up.

However, Fences star Aaron Taylor-Johnson revealed that the actors prayed for Smith after their conversation.

“Who do we have the right to judge?” The only way out of this mess that I can see is via prayer.” This is what people are saying, according to Washington.

For King Richard, Smith was awarded Best Lead Actor for his performance as Richard Williams because of the Academy’s efforts since Smith and Rock were separated during the awards ceremony.

At this point, Denzel claimed that the devil comes to eat you up when you’re most vulnerable.

Smith recounted their discussion in his victory speech. I want to be a receptacle for love in the same manner. What I’m aiming for is a similar degree of thinking and devotion. That, therefore, is my ultimate goal.

According to our source, no police complaint was filed after the incident. However, in light of his actions, Smith has issued an apology and resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.