Does Botox Actually Relieve Jawline Pain? Well, It Clearly Worked For Bethenny Frankel

Celebrities getting plastic surgery to enhance their looks is not something that is shocking. Almost all of them at some point get it done at a phase in life, however, Bethenny Frankel, founder and CEO of “Skinnygirl” and most popularly known for her role in the reality TV show, “The real housewives of New York City” recently revealed her secret about getting Botox done and it’s not for the reason you think it is. The 51-year-old admitted that her face is of a different shape than what it used to be now. To find out the reasons why this star decided to get Botox, scroll down below!

What exactly is Botox?

Before we start talking about why Bethenny Frankel chose to get Botox, let us take a look at it what it is precisely. It’s basically when a neurotoxic protein, called the Botulinum toxin is injected in small amounts which causes the targeted muscle to become weak and relaxed. This helps in reducing wrinkles and it’s also used to treat some medical conditions. Regarding the age criteria of who can get Botox done, it has been only approved for people who are 18 years and older.

How long does Botox last?

The period of how long botox lasts depends on patient to patient. Generally, it lasts for about 3-4 months approximately. However, for some, it can last longer or shorter. One thing to remember is that the face does not look older once botox effects wear off. The old wrinkles may start to reappear on the face but it won’t make you look aged.

Why did Bethenny Frankel end up getting Botox?

The Skinnygirl mogul admitted to getting botox injections but not for making her look younger. On Instagram, she told her 2.4 million fans about how she suffers from jaw pain because of her habit of unconsciously grinding her teeth and jaw when she’s asleep. The grinding, she said, get’s worse when she’s in deep sleep leaving her with a lot of pain and bulky jaw muscles.

The star consulted her go-to dermatologist cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Howard to which he suggested she should consider getting Botox injected into her jaw to relieve the tension. He told the mom of one about how this will relieve the pain she’s been going through along with the additional benefit of her jaw becoming heart-shaped. Bethenny Frankel was happy and absolutely grateful because her pain is now gone plus she’s loving her new look as well.

Although, she faced some criticism when she posted a makeup-free picture on social media, a user commented underneath about how she has gotten a lot of work done. But, that did not let the stars spirit down as she responded explaining how she carried the pain for years from grinding and clenching her jaw and then decided to do something about it. She has rejected the claims against her of getting invasive plastic surgery done and has been adamant about getting Botox just for her jaw pain.