Dua Lipa is Bowled Over by Anwar Hadid’s Cooking

The coronavirus pandemic has had one big positive side effect. Holed up at home by the protocols of lockdown, several individuals have discovered talents they never knew they had. Several are discovering skills they never knew their loved ones had. Take the case of Anwar Hadid for instance. The twenty-one-year-old model cum singer literally swept the chart-topping pop star Dua Lipa off her feet by cooking traditional Middle Eastern fare for her. The pop star just can’t stop gushing about how fantastic his food was.

The young couple has been in love and has been dating each other for a while now. However, prior to the lockdown, Dua had no idea of how awesome her boyfriend’s cooking skills were. The lockdown made her discover he could whip up magic in the kitchen. Anwar impressed his twenty-five-year-old girlfriend by cooking a tasty maqluba for her. The maqluba is a traditional dish made with meat, rice and fried vegetables. His culinary skills left Dua speechless in a good way. “He makes this really good Palestinian maqluba,” Dua says, “which is like an upside-down dish with aubergine and lamb. It takes three hours, but is perfect.”

Speaking of the quarantine period in general, the star says, “Quarantine in general could make or break a relationship but we have both been so good at giving each other space and then also being with each other when we want to be.” The couple spent the first part of the coronavirus crisis at the star’s home in London. Thereafter they moved to Los Angeles over Christmas. Dua adds, “We work really well together and he has just been amazing. And actually, it has just been the best thing for us with all this unexpected time. I have meant to go on tour and we got all this time to spend together.”

In addition to cooking and eating exquisite maqluba, the couple have also adopted a puppy together recently. Named Dexter, the little pup has Dua smitten. The British star tells Hits 1 radio, “I am so in love. He is so sweet, so cuddly and just wants to hang out and play. He is the best.”

Anwar is Gigi and Bella Hadid’s baby brother. He shot to fame at the age of 16 with his modeling debut. He debuted his music career with Bleach. Nicknamed Duwar by fans, Dua and Anwar have been inseparable since they officially became an item. The adorable pair have been together since 2019. Anwar has since also been a part of Dua Lipa’s music video “Levitating”( remix). The couple have attended several music award ceremonies together wherein neither have shied away from physical demonstrations of affection in front of the paparazzi. Dua has spent time with the Hadids on the Hadid Family Farm and Anwar was seen joining Dua’s family at the Global Awards ceremony.

The time together during quarantine seems to have brought the couple closer. Here’s hoping the two continue to grow together and discover more hidden talents of each other along the way!