Flaunting Her Figure In A Catsuit, Trolled For Her Walk-In Shower, And Sporting Yellow Blush. You Guessed It, It’s Kylie Jenner

A star born from the hit family drama show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner is known for a lot of things, and posting raunchy photos on Instagram is definitely one of them. This time around, she didn’t disappoint.

The Instagram Post 

The 23-year-old reality TV superstar posted a bunch of shots in which she posed wearing a flattering black and white houndstooth printed full catsuit. The catsuit accentuated her impeccable frame as she posed in her makeup line’s headquarter in front of a skittles and champagne vending machines. She is truly feeding her fans well nowadays. Displaying her derrière, Kylie crouched in front of two vending machines and they weren’t just any vending machines. One of them was packed with champagne bottles of Moet & Candon while the other was a dispenser of skittles. Although, we can’t expect anything less from this reality star. If you thought that’s where it ends then you might not be familiar with Kylie Jenner’s aesthetic because in the background, right next to these tasteful vending machines, you can see a classy black Smeg fridge along with several jars made of glass that are filled to the brim with, you guessed it, pink-colored candies. Kylie Jenner further ups the ante with her caption that read that she only carried dimes and asked if anyone had a quarter. We’ve got to admit, no one does it like this reality TV star and businesswoman. Now that’s chic. Not a second went by and her fans were rushing to the comment section to sing her praises. Of course, fans not only took notice of her chic outfit but also everything going on in the background, where several of them commented how they wanted vending machines like hers. Fans also called this series of shots iconic.

Kylie’s Infamous Walk-in Shower 

There’s nothing that the people on the internet leave unscathed and Kylie’s walk-in shower is no different. So, how did this all come about? Well, when showing off her HQ bit by bit, Kylie then went on to show off her running walk-in shower on her story to her millions of followers. Taking notice of the basic showerhead and the barely-there pressure of the running water, followers then started to troll her for it. However, this also made its way onto Twitter, where people started to tweet about how someone needs to get her a plumber.
There is never a time when Kylie Jenner isn’t in the limelight of the media and her fans. For this month, Kylie and her older sister Kendall Jenner got together to film a video where they got drunk and Kendall did her makeup. Needless to say, both sisters had a ball as they continued on with the task as they drank shots of tequila. By the end, Kylie was quite literally hysterical at how poor Kendall’s makeup was, which can be seen in the video they posted on her YouTube channel. The end result? A bright blue lip, courtesy of her own brand, a glitter-based eye look, and yellow blush placed across her cheeks. There’s no question about why Kylie couldn’t stop giggling by the end of it all.