Gwyneth Paltrow Says Cosmetic Surgery Doesn’t Have To Be Something To Be Ashamed About

Gwyneth Paltrow is encouraging when it comes to accepting the cosmetic changes one gets done on them. The Goop Co-founder is here to break down all the stigma associated with getting cosmetic surgery and is actively seeking ways to look better. She believes that it helps them feel better about themselves, so why not let these women do what they want in peace rather than showcasing signs of hate. 

When it comes to showbiz, Gwyneth agrees that from the very start, women are made to feel like they aren’t enough. This results in them reaching out to different methods of making themselves look good enough. 

Getting Rid Of Her Angry Face

Often, she Gwyneth finds people telling her how she has a naturally angry face. So, whenever someone looks at her, they assume that she is annoyed or angry at something. This is one of the reasons why she gets the tiniest bit of Xeomin on her face. This helps her make sure that she doesn’t have to carry such a dreadful look at all times. 

More than that, she also wants to make sure that the constant talk about how cosmetic surgery is not good for people stops. She focuses on ensuring that people start accepting cosmetic surgery like everything else so that women can feel better about themselves, especially in the industry.

Focusing On Her Journey Of Sharing The Process

She is focused on making a difference when it comes to this. She is determined to beat the stigma associated with cosmetic surgery by actively involving her stories about cosmetic surgery. She talks about how it is okay to have secrets and be an open book. There is not requirement for a person getting cosmetic surgery done to go on and tell the world about it. But it does prove to be beneficial when looking at the larger picture. People will start accepting it more easily than ever before. More than that, it would help the person feel more confident about their decisions as well. 

Struck With Covid-19

The Ironman star got struck with Covid-19 during the early stages that it hit the world. She didn’t document this fact earlier on as she wasn’t sure that it was important enough to be covered. She mentioned that there were more important things to do other than this. She mentions that she got the virus when there wasn’t even a possibility of getting the tests done. So, she stayed low and tried to get better through proper medication. 

Road To Healing

The star had symptoms building up to her finding out about her situation. She was pretty tired all the time and had something that is commonly referred to as brain fog. After the right consultancy, she was able to get back on her feet without too much delay. She has been focusing on being well by giving her body healthy nutrients. She cooks for herself a lot and makes delicious meals which allow her to remain healthy and happy. She continually talks about cosmetic surgery and how it is important to normalize the process as well.