Have Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas Decided To Part Ways?

Few things have kept the spice quotient up and running during the pandemic. One of these was the whirlwind affair between Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. Notwithstanding the dampener of pandemic protocols, the couple was extensively photographed in romantic moments, walks and holidays – with and without their masks on. But is the love story already over?

For almost a year now, superstars Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, have been creating ripples over the tabloids. However, if rumors are to be believed, the wild ride between the Deep Water co-actors has now come to an end. The two, sources disclose, have decided to mutually and amicably, call it a day and go their own way.

Ben and Ana first sparked rumors of being a couple while filming in New Orleans. That they were dating got confirmed when the duo took a vacation to Cuba in the spring of 2020 and then again to Costa Rica later in the year. In April, Ana put up photos of the couple celebrating her 32nd birthday together. Ana’s dogs too often feature prominently with Ben in photographs she posts over social media.

Several rumors of Ana trying to get close to Ben’s children also surfaced during the early half of 2020.  Los Angeles-based Ben Affleck is father to three children by ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Ben and Jennifer had a decade-long marriage before splitting up and the two share responsibilities of the children. Ana seemed to be happy and at ease with Ben’s children. The actor-director was even gifted a life size cutout of Ana by his children as part of a jovial prank on their father.The cutout which was left on Ben’s front lawns, has a smiling Ana lying on her stomach, head propped up on her hand, with her feet crossed in the air behind her.

Later when photographs of Ben helping Ana pack her stuff emerged on the Internet, fans were quick to surmise that the two were moving in together. However, it seems that the young actor was not keen on settling down in Los Angeles with her boyfriend.

Sources claim Ana and Ben parted ways due to Ben’s unwillingness to shift his base. One source revealed, “Ben is no longer dating Ana, she broke it off. Their relationship was complicated. Ana doesn’t want to be Los Angeles based and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles.” Both Ben and Ana are at different phases of their lives and careers and neither was willing to make a change. It was a respectful and professional break up for both actors, sources claim. Some sources mention that it was the Cuban-Spanish actor who decided to end things as Ben was unwilling to consider having more children.

Whatever the reason, looks like the pair’s love story was unable to survive the pandemic after all. And if sources are to be trusted, Ben has already moved Ana’s life-sized cut-out from his lawns to the garbage dumpster. That definitely seems to spell game over!