How Producers Originally Rejected Keeping Up With The Kardashians Due To A Lack Of Talent

Renewed for Season 20, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a show known across the world, didn’t embark on its journey as smoothly as it gained popularity. In fact, the situation might have been the complete opposite had the producers continued on their original plan. 

Ryan Seacrest’s Role

Airing for the first time ever in the year 2007, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is now set to conclude in its final season 20. However, it has been revealed that the show started off rocky where it was rejected by the producers of the show as they claimed that the stars of the show didn’t have any talent. However, Ryan Seacrest, the creator of the show had full faith in it and took the concept to E! to change the course of action. All of this took place when Ted Harbert was the CEO as well as the president of the Comcast Entertainment Group, which is the entertainment group that E! functioned under. 

In The Words Of Ted Harbert

Ted Harbert still seemed to remember the day when the presenter of American Idol had approached him and showed him the sizzle reel of what we now know as Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Ted recounted that Ryan called him and politely said that he was going over the heads of Ted’s own staff and how he had asked his staff to pass this sizzle reel on to Ted several times. Ryan knew he was going over the producer’s heads and said that he would appreciate it if Ted just gave it a look. The sizzle reel was sent to Ted that very day and he took it home at night to have a look. All it contained was seven minutes of a family barbeque. He remembers going to work the next day and telling his staff that they will be airing this show because it’s going to be a hit. The rest is, then, history as we know it. Of course, now that the show is coming up to its 20th season, which is a feat in itself and losing no steam, we can safely say that Ted’s judgment is impeccably correct. Ted himself admitted that his staff was quite puzzled over how adamant he was about this short reel of a barbeque, claiming that they didn’t have any talent, and they don’t do anything substantial. However, Ted knew that it would be a hit because it worked on the classic formula of family drama, which is something that families all over the world can relate to. 
Ted really believed it to be true as he claimed while talking to Live with Kelly and Ryan’s co-host. He was also vocal about how, if Ryan Seacrest hadn’t gone over the heads of his own staff, under normal business circumstances, he would have never gotten access to that tape and would never have seen it for what it was; a hit.