Johnny Depp Fans Are Furious With Amber Heard

The recent events have taken a big turn in the Depp and Heard case. At the start of the lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp, no one ever expected it would turn in such a way. The previous lawsuit that Amber Heard won devastated Johnny Depp’s career and left him with no work.

After gathering some evidence, Depp filed a lawsuit for defamation and other charges once the truth started unfolding. That is the lawsuit going on right now, and the verdict will be reserved after the final arguments.

The truth is not only in front of the jury, but the whole world knows how Amber Heard played the victim card previously. No doubt, during her statements, she gets emotional to gain sympathy. But now everyone knows what she did and barely has any support from her fans.

How People Reacted?

At the start of the lawsuit, everyone thought it would end in her favor. But once the evidence started getting public, the world knew who was the right one here. Johnny Depp is a remarkable actor, and Heard tried to match his level in the courtroom, but it didn’t work.

It is evident who the people support on every other social media platform. Amber Heard lost her entire fan following, and it is now her time to pay for whatever she did wrong with Johnny Depp.

It is great to see how people support Johnny, as this is the love he needs at this phase of his life. However, Johnny Depp’s fans are furious with Heard.

Recently, you can see a petition filed to remove Amber Heard from her upcoming movie, Aquaman 2. Over 3.7 million people worldwide have signed the petition, and the number is constantly growing.

Aquaman 2 Creators Response

Once the petition was public, and the creators of Aquaman saw how people were supporting it, they shared a statement. To support the petition and not to hurt the sentiments of over 3.7 million people, the screen time of Amber Heard in the movie has been decreased to around 10 minutes.

However, that is not what the petition was signed for. The people want Amber Heard completely out of the movie.

The creators now do have to take action. If they don’t remove Amber from the movie, they might face a backlash. In addition, many people will boycott the movie, resulting in a financial loss.

Now it doesn’t matter what the verdict court announces. The fans and people from around the world have clarified who they follow. Well, this is karma that just hit Heard right in the face.

Let’s wait for the verdict and see what the jury decides.

Final Words

It is evident who the people support as over 3.7 million people have signed the petition worldwide. However, it is in the hands of the jury, and it all depends on their verdict. It won’t be difficult for the jury to announce their verdict with the evidence in hand.