Kate Middleton’s Golden Gown Channels the Essence of a Bond Girl at Premier in London

Kate Middleton, who we all know as The Duchess of Cambridge, made headlines with her golden gown. During the world premiere of No Time to Die, which is the newest film within the James Bond franchise, the Duchess arrived in a golden gown that no one could keep their eyes off of. She attended the event alongside the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, Prince William, and Prince Charles.

Channeling The Essence of a Bond Girl

There is no surprise that the Duchess of Cambridge is making headlines with her dress, as one look at an image can help you see that at the premiere of a James Bond film, the Duchess is truly channeling the essence of a Bond Girl. The Duchess stepped out onto the red carpet, which was held at the Royal Albert Hall, in a gold gown that shimmered like no other. The gown was designed by Jenny Packham and featured intricately detailed embellishments made of sequin along with a cape. The gown was then paired with a sophisticated updo as well as gold earring following the shape of pendants.

Prince William, Prince Charles, and Camilla

Of course, the men alongside her, Prince William and Prince Charles looked no less as they made their appearance wearing the quintessential black and white tuxedo, both of which were incredibly structured. The two looked like they could star in a James Bond film of their own. Alongside them was the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, who looked equally incredible wearing a gown in baby blue, which was incredibly pleasant on the eye. Her gown also has incredibly intricate embellishments, which were made using beadwork in silver.

Interactions With Daniel Craig

Of course, since the event was a world premiere of a Bond film, the Royals were spotted on the red carpet having a friendly interaction with Daniel Craig, 007 himself. Daniel Craig didn’t come to disappoint and had the vigor that no one could take their eyes off, appearing in a velvet pink tuxedo jacket, which was double-breasted and paired with black pants, a black bowtie, a white shirt, and a white pocket cloth.

No Time to Die

The latest film within the series, No Time to Die, is known to be Daniel Craig’s fifth and, now, last Bond film, and the twenty-fifth part within the entire Bond series. While the film was set to be released originally in April of the year 2020, due to the unforeseen pandemic, the release of the film was, of course, delayed, that too, twice. While addressing the media and reporters on the red carpet, Craig said that they make movies for the fans, not themselves and that he was excited for the people to finally see it.

The royal family is known to be fans of the entire James Bond franchise, so it comes as no surprise that the four royals were in attendance at this premiere. Back in the year 2015, the world premiere of “Spectre” was attended by Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry.