Larry King’s Ex-Wife Wants To Take Away The Inheritance From His Children

Larry King’s widow claims his heritage

On January 23 this year, legendary TV presenter Larry King died in the 88th year of his life. Three weeks before his death, he was hospitalized with coronavirus. Doctors fought for Larry’s life, but, unfortunately, the journalist passed away. It became known that almost immediately after the death of Larry King, his seventh wife Sean Southwick announced she intends to sue King’s generous inheritance with his five children.

Sean and Larry have been married for 22 years and divorced in 2019. The ex-wife of a businessman discovered her name was not included in King’s will. This outraged Sean, and she is going to sue the heirs of her ex-husband and receive two million dollars. The 61-year-old actress told Page Six that someone forced her ill husband to make a secret will in which she was not included.

In June 2019, King handwritten a will, writing off a relatively modest fortune of $2 million to his five children. Two months later, he filed for divorce from his seventh wife, Sean, but died before the court settled the divorce proceedings. The revised document lists the names of King’s five children: Andy, Chiara, Larry Jr. and his sons, Cannon and Chance, that they shared with Sean. Although Andy and Chiara passed away in 2020, the TV presenter no longer changed his will.

Sean King assures that after breaking up, he and Larry became “close friends” again, communicated daily, and King never told her about the changed will. The woman believes that her husband was persuaded to correct the document because he was ill and could not make such a decision on his own.

But even if the court takes her side in the future, the actress is unlikely to receive only $300 thousand from the inheritance. But this does not bother the actress, and she declares she will sue “on principle.”

The marriage with singer, actress and TV presenter Sean Southwick was the longest of Larry’s life. They got married in 1997. King was 64 years old and his bride was 38. It was a ceremony: the wedding was held in the hospital ward, where King was preparing for the upcoming operation to remove a blood clot.

During their married life, the couple had two sons: the eldest Chance is 20 years old now, and the youngest Cannon is 19. Larry also officially adopted Danny Southwick, Sean’s son from a previous marriage. There were a lot of rumors about the relationship between Larry and Sean, and the couple almost divorced once because of them. In 2010, King filed for divorce after publishing in the National Enquirer tabloid that his wife was cheating on him with his sons’ baseball coach. The athlete even admitted that it was true. However, Larry and Sean made up, and the divorce did not take place. Six years later, they started talking about Southwick’s infidelity again: this time she was suspected of being connected with Richard Green, a friend of Princess Diana. Sources have confirmed that King was anxious about this. But even then the marriage did not break up, and the TV presenter only told the press that after so many years in show business, he preferred to ignore gossip.

Larry filed for divorce from Shin again. He indicated in a statement that they have not lived together for over two months. In stellar circles, it is said the decision was a shock for the journalist’s wife and that she “hoped that everything would be alright.”

The press builds its assumptions about the reasons for the breakup. The TMZ portal, for example, citing anonymous insiders, writes that Larry was furious when his wife suggested he amend his will during his illness.