Matthew McConaughey Helps Texans After A Severe Winter Storm

 Texas-born actor Matthew McConaughey announced on his Instagram page plans to help Texans who were suffering from the winter storm. More than a million people in Texas were left without electricity in freezing temperatures, and dozens died. On his Instagram page, the actor said: “Everyone knows that my home state is Texas. And it just suffered from the worst winter storm, which was the most powerful in seventy years. Many people were left without electricity, water, and many necessities. ”

 Although fortunately most of the electricity is being restored, the broken water lines that lead water to hospitals and residential buildings have not been rebuilt, and thus many Texans are left without necessities for survival. That is why the Oscar-winning actor decided that he, his wife Camilla, and their Just Keep Living Foundation are currently working on the creation of a virtual guide that can help Texans rebuild their state and take care of those who need it.

 The famous actor advised to follow his news. He said that the project of releasing the virtual manual will be completed within the next two weeks. Matthew McConaughey added he will publish posts on his social network every day for Texans to know how to find the resources to survive, stay safe. In this way, he wants to support Texas residents to return them to normal life. The Dallas Buyers Club actor also suggested Texans check with their neighbors to make sure they are safe. And also he asked people not to pass by poor people but to help them. Thus, he called for cohesion and mutual solidarity among the people of Texas. The post of help the actor touchingly signed: “We are Texas ourselves.”

 This is not the first time Matthew McConaughey and his family have helped Texans in difficult circumstances. In May of last year, Matthew McConaughey delivered a full truckload of coronavirus masks to hospitals fighting Covid-19 in Texas. The actor and his wife Kamila prepared 110 thousand masks on the eve of Memorial Day. The actor posted a photo of his car and many boxes of masks on his personal Instagram account.

 In April, the couple had already made a large donation to medical workers, and 80,000 protective masks went to hospital workers in Austin and New Orleans, according to Variety.

 McConaughey has also previously helped 2020 alumnus celebrate graduation classes in Zoom ceremonies. The actor recorded a message for students at the University of Texas at Austin, his alma mater. Besides speeches and donations, McConaughey and his family wowed a Texas retirement home by hosting a virtual bingo night in April.

 Useful help to their compatriots does not remain without feedback. Many Texans support Matthew McConaughey and would like to see him as a political leader. In an interview, he was asked how he relates to his political career in the future: “When politics redefined its goal, I could be much more interested,” — McConaughey replied in an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt. He also added that “at present, politics seems to him a hopeless business.” According to the actor, such a decision will depend more on the people in the state than on himself. McConaughey noted that social contracts have been lost in society: people stopped trusting each other, which led to a loss of trust in themselves. “If it spreads like an epidemic, then we will have anarchy,” summed up the actor.

 Matthew McConaughey currently lives in Texas with his family. The next elections for the governor of this region are scheduled for 2022.