Meghan Markle Shocks And Upsets Kate Middleton With Her Claims

Earlier, during 2021, there was quite an interesting interview that was aired by Oprah Winfrey. It featured none other than the famous royal couple, Meghan Markle and Price Harry. The couple stepped out of their royal duties earlier last year, and they had much to say when it comes to how they were treated at the palace and the British media. It seems like a troublesome and a roller-coaster journey for all. But what is one of the more prominent parts of the conversation is the involvement of Kate Middleton. 

Where It All Began

There was a supposed riff between Meghan and Kate that initiated during the time of Meghan and Harry’s wedding. According to the Duchess of Sussex, there wasn’t anything major that had happened between the two. It might seem like that she made Kate Middleton cry, but Markle claims it was the opposite that was happening. So, it was Kate who we need to be concerned about, it is Markle. 

According to Markle, the feud that everyone thinks exists for a long time clearly didn’t happen at all. Instead, all there was to the entire situation was that Middleton didn’t agree with the flower girl dress that her daughter had to wear for the wedding. 

Who Cried And Who Was Hurt?

Meghan Markle was the on shedding tears throughout this situation because of how confused she was. There was so much going on that she couldn’t understand what was happening at the given time. Fast-forward to now, it was clear that Kate took Markle’s talks to the heart. She seemed a bit down-casted throughout the week following Meghan’s interview. She assumed that the issue was resolved beforehand. However, it seemed like bringing up the situation again was a bit saddening for Kate. 

Middleton With The Apology

Markle further went on to tell everyone that Middleton did come forward and accept that she was upset, and apologized. She knew she did something wrong and was accountable for it. She goes on to appreciate the Duchess for being a good person. Along with this, she was always hoping that the tabloids would clear the air so that everybody could understand that there was nothing going on between the two, but it clearly didn’t plan out as she wanted to. It was impossible to get the right information out to the press. 

The Reaction Of Kate And William Post-Interview

Markle wanted to set things straight, so she used the interview as a chance to get her story out. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone is happy about their claims. William, for instance, is livid at how they could go on to broadcast all of this information in such a setting. It has been quite troubling at the palace, given that people are coming up with all kinds of assumptions and suggestions about the royal family. Other than that, there was a statement by the Royal family which stated how saddened they were to see how Meghan and Harry felt during their time at the palace, and that the right actions will be taken by the family in private.