Miley Ray Cyrus: History, Fame and Family

Miley Ray Cyrus who is an extraordinary singer, a songwriter, along with this she is also an activist and philanthropist working to make the society an ideal and a better place. This wonderful woman has been battling for her career since her childhood when she starred in the ever so famous show “Hannah Montana”. The show kick-started her career, which then grew with leaps and bounds as the show ended up being the biggest sensation of the time. The music of the same show was later sold for a huge amount under the star’s own name. Later on she started her music career by releasing multiple albums and taking up tours to perform them. Her song “I thought I Lost You” was a major hit and got nominated for the golden globe award. She further accelerated her career by sticking to the essence which started it all “Hannah Montana Movie” while also released two other songs which immediately became a hit. Her song “wrecking Ball” became the very first song to top the extremely famous billboard singles. The struggle to keep up with her career went on.

Miley Ray Cyrus has been that one artist for us who had motivated us for betterment during the entire pandemic. The star has taught us, through an extremely motivational Instagram live series that actually won webby-award. She wanted people to have self-actualization and internalize their growth by digging deeper inside, focusing on things that we normally tend to ignore. In her series, he featured multiple artists and shredded light on some great conversations. Miley thinks that with the help of social media one can connect with like-minded people by reflecting your true self on the social media page. During the lockdown, she teamed up with magnum and kept an online 8D concert live on her YouTube channel.

She is the artist who not only released top hit songs to keep us entertained but also became a philanthropist by working for the society by having her own noon-profit which is known as “Happy Hippie Foundation.” This organization supports the youth by rallying the youth to fight for injustices faced by the helpless and homeless people. She has also supported the LGBT community and any more such targeted people of our society who have been struggling in silence. Nevertheless, she is an amazing fashion icon for most of us. When asked about fashion she described her style as wearing your heart out. She likes to be authentic and genuine when it comes to fashion by reflecting her inner child. When describing her music preferences she commented that she grows infatuated with any and every style of music. Even as a child she says she was dawn t different sorts of music and it is exactly the same for her now.

Other than this Miley is an extremely family-oriented person. She says that she shares an extremely loving bond with her other siblings and as a family, they tend to prioritize them as a whole over anything else.

In the end, she advised her old self and a new version of her in the future to be updated with the world, to never stop the quest of learning and educating herself, to be a conscious being by analyzing the happening in her surroundings.