Netflix Has Finally Released the Trailer for Its New Musical Diana and It Has Caused an Outrage

Princess Diana was one of the most beloved personalities of the 20th century. She smiled with her fans but her life was full of drama and tragedy and so was her death. She had amassed so much loved and following that it does not come as surprise that there have been so many different adaptations of her life.

Netflix’s Musical, “Diana” is the newest adaptation of the ups and downs in the princess’s life. However the release of the first trailer of the said musical has caused an outraged amongst the people who like to follow the royal family. The musical features the Queen calling Lady Diana a tart which garnered a lot of negative reception from both Diana’s fans and the Queen’s fans.

The musical was originally set for a release on Broadway in 2020 however the pandemic and continuous lockdown thwarted its release. So it is now being released on Netflix. Jeanna de Waal is playing the late royal in this controversial musical. The musical will showcase the life of Lady Diana including her marriage to Prince Charles and the late royal giving birth to William.

The musical will also showcase other aspects of her personal and professional life as a royal. Diana is still loved by many and producing content that disrespects the memory of the late royal will not go down good with the fans. The queen calling Diana a tart is one of the only few controversial things in the musical. There are other numerous other controversial lines and scenes in the script.

Princess Diana was loved. Diana the musical is not. That is the simple truth of the Netflix-original film that meticulously follows Diana’s life from when she was a young girl to Prince Charles’ infidelity and their eventual divorce. And for those who experienced watching it, they’ll probably agree that even though there were some glimmers of hope in its beginning, ultimately it just became an upsetting spectacle full of grief and sadness. Focused on Diana’s relationship with her husband, but also the people she surrounded herself with. It provides a detailed look at her struggles to find love in her life both personally and romantically.

Some people believe the musical will tarnish Diana’s memory. This is why they have called for a ban on the musical from all platforms. A ban seems highly unlikely but surely many people would just skip watching it and that is the best way to go about it. Low viewership will send a bigger message than if the musical was banned altogether.

There are people who are actually seeing this in a positive light. They are waiting for the musical to be released. They want to enjoy it for its artistic value and just because they feel that everyone should be heard and people have spent a lot of time and effort in making this musical so it would be tragic if it doesn’t get to see the light of day.