Racism Claims Against Rachel Leave Matt James With No Other Choice But To Break Up

It is now known that Matt James has called it quits with his The Bachelor winner lover, Rachael Kirkconnell. The main reason is that there was plenty of evidence that showcased that Kirkconnell was involved in some racial controversy. All of this hurt James as he couldn’t come to terms with how the person he is with can showcase such racist tendencies. There were pictures and whatnot to strengthen the decision for him as well. 

Where The Problem Started

Now, one thing that you must know is the James is Black. So, when a TikTok user comes forward that his girlfriend, Kirkconnell bullied the user for dating Black men, he was appalled. You might think that this might have been the only thing which might have caused the breakup. But that is not all. She had also liked photos depicting clear racism from her social media accounts, which further put the relationship in jeopardy. There was confusion and concern forming for James after continuously viewing these details. 

Dismissal Of Rumors

Initially, James wanted to be supportive of his girlfriend because he believed that what he heard were all rumors and untrue. So, he dismissed the rumors and ignored what people were trying to tell him. He assumed that being an African American, people has an ulterior motive to get to him by passing on such rumors. Little did he know at that point about how true each one of them was. He continued to ignore the conversations for a while, before he got to see the pictures. 

Acceptance Of The Situation

Once the pictures that Rachel liked surfaced, it was clear that she was clearly supporting racist ideologies. There was a lot of doubt and confusion when it comes to making the decision about breaking up, but there was no better choice available to James. The point when the Antebellum-themed party pictures came out, James put an end to things. He was highly disappointed in her as he didn’t expect her to have such extreme past behaviors. It was clear that he was utterly hurt by it all. 

Reflecting Back To Past Life

After he broke up with The Bachelor winner, he reflected on his life. He talked about how he has had a difficult upbringing, filled with racism. Having the person you love follow such dreadful ideologies can be quite hurtful. While he initially dismissed them, he was too hurt of her past behaviors to let go of them completely. He figured that Rachel wouldn’t not know or understand what it feels like to be Black in the country. 

Rachel’s Outlook On Everything

While Rachel is the wrong one here, it is clear that she is apologetic. It seems like she isn’t fully aware of her past actions and their consequences. So, she goes on to make an apology statement where she focuses on how her actions must have hurt James deeply. It was quite an emotional apology as she kept referring to James as the love of her life. The pair continue to walk their separate ways till now.