Rarest 50 Photos That Reflect History and Culture

We live in a world that is constantly changing. The way we interact with each other, the way we view the world around us – it’s all different than it used to be. With new technology comes new ways of documenting our lives and preserving our history. These rare 50 photos are a testament to that. They capture moments in time that might have otherwise been forgotten. They reflect culture and lifestyle changes throughout the years, and give us a glimpse into the past that we would never have otherwise seen.

Teasing The Royal Guard


It is always a thrill to provoke people in authority and see how they would react, but things can always go wrong. As you can see, this woman is trying to provoke the Royal Guard in Sweden. However, he is not providing her with any reaction, as he has a duty to do.

The duty of the guards is to serve and protect the Royal family from any harm. Of course, this woman also knows he is harmless, which is why she is trying to get a reaction out of him. No woman with an ice cream cone can deter this man from his loyal duty.

Nothing To See Here, Just A Dinosaur Delivery


Have you ever wondered how people deliver big objects and displays into museums? Well, now you have your answers as these objects are delivered using a helicopter. However, this is not what usually happens, as this was just a publicity stunt to market the opening of the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Science.

The media in Boston was alerted beforehand so that they could take a picture as part of the stunt. We wonder what the people at the time would have thought who would have seen this happening in the sky. They probably thought some Godzilla was here to take over the city.

Just A Candid Shot Of Jayne Mansfield


There have been many people that have tried to be Marilyn Monroe, but Jayne Mansfield has come the closest. Here, she is just looking elegant in her white gloves while playing the piano at home. She was the first American actress that appears nude in a Hollywood movie.

There has been a lot of speculation as to the men Mansfield had been intimate with. Both John and Robert F. Kennedy have known to be intimate with her. She has had a fulfilling career as an actress and was also one of the Playboy Playmates in the early stages.

The Stewardess Uniform That Didn’t Get Approved


In 1958, Scandinavian Airlines decided it was time to make a bold gesture when they released this stewardess uniform. Brigitta Lindman was the one inspecting the uniform, and she did not approve of them as they were too bold. Lindman had made a name for herself during that time.

She was even chosen to appear on the cover of Life Magazine when she had to go against more than fifty other stewardesses. Of course, the time was conservative and such uniforms would not have gone well. So, Lindman decided it was best not to approve of them.

A Zebra Carriage


You can always expect the Royal families to be decadent about simple things, and this carriage is a great example. The carriage is being drawn by zebras instead of horses. The point of this carriage was to show everyone that even wild animals can be domesticated and tamed with the right techniques.

Lord Walter Rothschild had to make a point, and this carriage was his example. People are riding the carriage and waiting in line to dine on some swan. The zebras don’t look so happy, and rightly so, as they would rather be in the wild chasing a meal for themselves.

Braless Fashion


There is nothing more liberating than walking around the city without a bra, and these women are living the dream in the 70s. All of this took place in the sixties when the Women’s Liberation Movement was rampant. The idea behind this was to protest, which is why women began roaming without bras.

Braless fashion was symbolic of breaking the traditional feminine views and becoming freer. Of course, the men also enjoyed this time as they got to see women without bras in public. As time went on, this became more of a fashion statement and less about politics.

A War Icon In Vietnam From Hollywood


Chris Noel was a model that went on to become an actress in Hollywood. However, things changed when she started entertaining Vietnamese troops. She began working for the radio and television service for Armed Forces in Vietnam.

During this time, she took at least four tours of Vietnam, and two times her helicopter was subject to shooting. All the troops loved her pinup pictures, and everyone was fond of her. In 1984, the Veterans Network also gave an award for a Distinguished Veteran, which reflected all her hard work at the time.

Mother-Daughter Superstar Duo From The 70s


If you have ever watched the movie Psycho, you know who this mother-daughter duo is. Janet Leigh performed exceptionally well in the movie, especially during the scene when she was stabbed in the shower. Many people consider this scene to be one of the best moments in the history of Hollywood.

Of course, Jamie Lee Curtis is also known for her exceptional performances, just like her mother. The expression of Janet looks as if she has just encountered a ghost. We love this rare find because it combines two of the greatest women in Hollywood history.

A Tribute To The Animals That Lost Their Lives


When we think about war, we immediately think about the millions of lives that humans have lost. However, even animals lost their lives, and many of them died during World War II. The picture is from a tribute to all the eight million horses, donkeys, and mules that lost their lives on the way.

Almost 700 soldiers are in this picture, standing in solidarity for the lives of fallen animals. These animals served an important purpose in the way, as they were responsible for carrying medical supplies, ammunition, water, food, and more.

Sophie Loren In Her Best Looks

If you have watched some of the old Italian movies then you may be a fan of Sophie Loren. She is one of the finest Italian actresses to ever exist. From a young age she got to play lead roles in many successful Italian movies. This gave a boost to her career and in 1957 she came to the US.

There was nothing that could stop her and she got the chance to work with some of the legendary, iconic superstars of that day. Sophie Loren was the only name in award shows during the 60s and 70s.

A Star-Studded Cast In Next Of Kin


Many people don’t know about this movie, but the cast includes Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson, and Bill Paxton. It had a basic premise about a cop from Chicago that is on a mission to find his brother’s killer. However, the two other brothers are also on the same mission.

There were many other stars that were considered for this movie, but they didn’t make it to the list. It is an action movie that came out in 1989. While the movie is nothing extraordinary, this cast picture is a unique and rare find.

Real Women Have Curves


Sophia Loren started her acting career when she was only sixteen. However, her big break came six years after she began when she received a great offer from Paramount Studios. If you have watched Grumpier Old Men, Houseboat, or The Pride and the Passion, you know who she is.

You can see her posing in black lingerie in this picture, and her curves are incredible. She comes from humble beginnings, and she worked hard to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. We love big and bold women like her who exude beauty and confidence with grace.

A Fourteen-Year-Old David Bowie


David Bowie is known for his charm, and you can even see that in this picture when he is fourteen years old. This picture is from 14th February 1960, when at least six girls asked him out. However, he was not always such a musical superstar.

Instead, before he went on to become a musician, Bowie used to work as a delivery boy for a local town butcher in England. Even in school, the music teachers did not consider his voice to be good enough. Of course, he proved them all wrong, as he is still a legend in the music industry.

Montgomery And Her Trailer


The picture of Elizabeth Montgomery coming out of her trailer is from 1961, and even in this, she looks stunning. She was born into a showbiz family, which is why it is no surprise that she already had talent. Her mother was a Broadway actress, and her father was Robert Montgomery.

If you have watched Bewitched, even you know how great of an actress she is. Everyone loved her charm and her acting, and Elvis Presley was no stranger to her. While this is not confirmed, she was said to have had intimate relations with him during this time.

Sissy Spacek Modeling

Are you a fan of horror movies? If yes, the Carrie is one of the movies that you may have seen by Stephen King. Sissy Spacek may be covered in blood during the movie, but she it was one of the best works.

Spacek before working in movies was a model and this is her doing a shoot for a poster in the 70s. Her posters were also seen in Andy Warhol’s factory. Spacek was the choice of many directors and she got the chance to be a part of several projects. Prime Cut was one of them too.

Is This Swimsuit Obscene?


During the early twentieth century, society was much more sexually repressed, and people were employed to check the swimsuit length of women in public. That is because women had to dress within bounds and not look obscene in public. In simple terms, this was just a way to slut-shame women who were not adhering to the length rules.

The picture is an example of this happening at Palm Beach. We are glad that this doesn’t happen anymore, and women are allowed to wear what they feel comfortable with in public. We have come a long way since such days.

Mork From Mork And Mindy


We all miss Robin Williams, which is why we had to add this rare picture to our list. Here, you can see Robin Williams in his character Mork from Mork and Mindy. He is dressed in go-go boots, a skirt, and a halter top as he runs in the field during this game.

The stunt became an important part of the show, and everyone went nuts for his performance. He was perhaps one of the best actors in Hollywood who could make anyone laugh with his quirks. This is just one of them, and we wish we could’ve seen more of him.

Channeling The Feline Energy


During the early 50s and 60s, Betty page was the star of fetish pinup, and you will see lots of such pictures from her. Bunny Yeager was the one that took this shot and became famous too. His career began with shooting for Playboy, but he became even more famous.

Soon, he became the photographer that everyone wanted in Miami. Keep in mind that photography was a sexist industry at the time, which is why you will see a lot of such shots. She was also known as the prettiest photographer in the world in 1954.


https://historydaily.org/content/61930/6558367e4b6377ce24b37a88d680600d.jpg There is no doubt about the fact the Titanic was one masterpiece that was ever created. The cruise liner had its days limited but it surely was the greatest engineering marvel. There are countless pictures of the decks of Titanic.

However, not many have seen the part that is mainly covered in water. These gigantic propellers tell the energy this beast once held. Till now there has been no ship as Titanic even though the technology is has advanced. This shot was taken at Thomas Graving Dockin just before the ship was lowered in the water in 1912.

The Macabre Mobile


Anyone that loves cars and has a lot of knowledge of it will know The Macabre Mobile because it is one of the top collectible cars. It was featured in a movie during the 80s, and you can see Elvira posing with the car in this picture. After this movie, the mobile went on to appear in other movies too.

You will also see it in publications from the time, such as Elvira’s comic books and calendars. Of course, you might not be able to get your hands on it now unless you find someone that collected them. However, we love the shot, as it screams confidence and sexiness.

One With Nature


During the 70s, the hippie movement was widespread, and many people were connecting with nature and hugging trees. The prime example of this movement is the woman in this picture hugging a tree naked. We can’t stress the importance of nature in our busy lives today.

The term for disconnection with nature is known as nature deficit disorder. When you are not connected to nature, your mental and physical health declines, so this is a reminder for you to get out there today and connect with nature to boost your well-being for a long time.

The Tree That Ate A Bike


What you are looking at is the famous Vashon Island Bike Tree. The story behind this is that this bike was owned by an eight-year-old in the 50s, and he forgot the bike there. Of course, he never came back, and the bike and tree merged together to become one.

We don’t know how exactly this happened, but there are many legends that have come up with different theories about this bike. It looks cool, and it shows the impact of our technology and inventions on nature. The lesson here is that you should never forget your bike in nature.

Pam Grier In The 70s


Foxy Brown was a 1974 movie that Pam Grier starred in, and this picture is from her role. The movie was about a woman that was trying to get revenge while her boyfriend was a government agent who was shot right at her doorstep. Her character was incredible because she combined fierceness with a sexy element.

If you have never seen this movie, then we urge you to watch the exceptional performance of Pam Grier. Even Quentin Tarantino adored her and cast her as the star in his movie Jackie Brown in 1997.

Star Trek Star


Emily Banks was in an episode of the original Star Trek series. Here, she played the role of Yeoman Tonia Barrows. The episode aired during the 60s, which was known as Shore leave. Banks started acting in 1960 when she appeared in various advertisements and TV commercials for a beer company.

Besides that, you can also see clips of her from the game show in 1963, Say When, where she appeared as a model. During this time, she began appearing in more TIV and film roles. Her acting was great, and her charm was unmatched.

Apartments In Hong Kong


Michael Wolf, a German photographer, took this picture in Hong Kong of the skyrises for Architecture of Destiny. The photographer was fascinated with the mega-cities that he found in Hong Kong, and this picture is a reflection of that. The idea was to capture the relationship between private and public space.

You can see modern buildings with a futuristic element that you would not have found at the time. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and this picture is a prime example of this fact. The image is taken exceptionally well, and we love it.

A Ringo Starr Impersonation


This picture is from 1964, and if you don’t know already, then it is Alfred Hitchcock doing an impersonation of Ringo Starr. We are no strangers to Beatlemania because they produced some of the best music during those times. We don’t know where this picture is from, but we love it.

Now the only thing that would make the circle of life complete would be if we found a picture of Ringo Starr impersonating Hitchcock. One can only hope to find such an image. For now, we will fawn over this amazing picture.

Young And Beautiful, Janis Joplin


Sometimes, the most beautiful people have the most tragic endings, much like Janis Joplin. This picture was taken in 1970 when she was only twenty-seven years old. Unfortunately, she also passed away in the same year because of a drug overdose, adding to the list of many stars that died early.

She was supposed to show up for a recording session, but when she didn’t show up, her producer was concerned. He went on to look for her in her home and entered her room. Joplin had passed away by then on the floor next to her bed.

The Risk-Taking Granny


There is nothing to see here, just an innocent granny watering her marijuana plants for her daily routine. Of course, this would not have been a problem now, but we wonder if there were any consequences of this picture being made public. However, no one would suspect such a sweet granny is breaking the law.

We are sure no one would have the heart to arrest this woman and take her to jail. The officers must have just let this slide by and let the granny do her thing. Of course, this will be the norm now as people have begun growing these plants in the comfort of their homes.

Entertainment For The Whole Family


At first glance, you might be confused as to what is going on in this picture, but let us provide you with some context. This is known as the Goofybike, and Charles Steinlauf designed them during the 30s. He was known to create unique bikes, and this was one of his crazy designs that seemed to work.

The mother is sewing while the entire family is peddling away on the bike. The entire family is enjoying and doing what they love to do on a Sunday. If someday you can’t decide what to do on a lazy Sunday, you can always take inspiration from this bike.

History of Planes


The entire world knows that it was Wright brothers who made the first airplane ever. However, not many have seen how planes back in the days used to look like. Nowadays airlines are committed to offer a comfortable and luxurious air travel experience.

However, in the early 1900s air travel itself was an experience. This is how the interior of Imperial Airlines airplane used to look like. No recline seat, limited leg space and no overhead storage compartments, the planes surely has evolved a lot over the years. This shows how it all started.

Batman Behind The Scenes


Do you want to know how the TV series Batman was shot? If you do, then you should not look any further than this picture, as it accurately depicts what used to happen behind the scenes. The shot is our favorite because it is from the opening of the series.

Batman and Robin walked upright during this scene, and the shot was filmed by the camera on the side. The opening is unreal, and it was made from such simplicity. We love that technology has the power to change everything completely.

A Young Jackie Kennedy


Everyone found Jackie Kennedy incredibly charming, and a young Jackie was even more charming, as you can tell. She was born into a rich family, and the silver spoon was fed to her from the start. Jackie also met John Kennedy in 1952 at a dinner party, as her mother was a socialite.

Just a year after they met, they got married, and we already know how the rest turned out. We are sure you probably haven’t seen this rare picture of her before. Even at eighteen, Jackie is charming, graceful, and poised.

Who Looks Most Like Marilyn Monroe?


Yes, there have been competitions of which woman looks the most like Marilyn Monroe. The competition in this picture was happening in Hastings, UK. These competitions were normal, and they were held for the lookalike of many celebrities.

For example, there have also been lookalike contests for Charlie Chaplin. The funniest thing is that even Charlie Chaplin himself once entered a lookalike contest for himself.

However, he ended up winning third place in this contest. If that isn’t just plain irony, then we don’t know what is. We would have loved to see his reaction.

Podium of Miss Correct Posture Contest


You may have heard about the Miss World contest that is held every year. However, back in the 90s there were some other contests held as well. There was one known as the Miss Correct Posture contest. Yes, girls had their X-rays done and the result would be decided by judging who has the best posture.

In the above picture you can see the winner and runner-ups of 1956 contest. The three ladies have their X-rays next to them and their trophies in hand. This contest was only held in 1956 at Chiropractors Convention.

Elvis’ First Leave From The Army

https://historydaily.org/content/61930/796541770250d2212fb4d8c7cea9d29c.jpg Known as the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley is one of the best American singers to ever exist. He was the top cultural figure of the 20th century and never failed to amaze his audience with his songs.

However, many have seen Presley singing on the stage but many don’t know that he served the US army as well. He spent a total time of 2 years being on active duty. The above picture is a memorable one as this was his first time getting an off from the army.

Fashion Styles in The 70s


Many say fashion in the 70s was not up to the mark but for some it is cool. You can still see many people trying to carry the 70s look as it is a vintage look. This picture shows how men used to rock their outfit. Not only that, but the materials used during that time can also be seen.

Polyester and rayon were the common elements. These were the perfect outfits for a disco party or clubs. It would be good to see this style back in trending.

A Glimpse of Woodstock

https://historydaily.org/content/61930/30bf6b428a38e771c8d0e6f78bbd2c83.jpg Woodstock was one of the biggest music festivals in the US. The three day festival used to attract people from all the states and gave them a place to enjoy and relax. Listening to music, rolling in the mud and many other activities used to keep you busy.

However, in between all of them eating is one thing you shouldn’t miss at all. This picture is a rare one you will get to see of the festival held in 1969. It was a hectic day for the people handing out the food. Hope they got time to enjoy the festival.

Chaplin and Keller


This is one rare picture that you will get to see of the icons together. Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller are two stars that don’t require any introduction. Their work and contribution to the entertainment industry speaks for themselves.

This photograph was taken when Keller stopped by Chaplin’s shoot. At this time Chaplin was working on Sunnyside. Both the icons sat for a good time. Many say Helen came to thank Chaplin for working on projects that support the deaf people. This is one moment that will always be there.

Miss Peterson


While other actresses wanted to work on projects that portrayed them as Barbie dolls, Cassandra Peterson chose something different. Popular for her role as Elvira, Peterson was one of the most famous celebrities in the 80s.

Her work as Elvira got so famous that now it is her stage name. Some people aren’t even aware of her real name. In the above picture she can be seen dressed as Elvira and ready to go out. She never failed to amaze her young fans and still working in some project to keep them entertained.

Father of Comic Book Characters


Captain America, Hulk, Black Panther are some of the most favorite comic books characters till now. But you may not have heard about Jack Kirby. He is the co-creator of all the comic characters you read above. Jack Kirby is one of the brilliant minds that gave us such powerful characters that we all love.

Jack Kirby not only contributed to the entertainment industry but also served in the WW II and came back as a veteran. In the above picture you can see Jack Kirby back from the war and then worked in comics.

Joe Cocker at Woodstock


Yes, Joe Cocker was also one of the many artists that performed at the Woodstock music festival in 1969. The festival came to an end by the banger performance of Joe Cocker. It was the last day of the festival and was one of the best performances of his time.

Many people thought it was the brown acid that led to such a performance. However, later in an interview Cocker cleared it out that he wasn’t even offered the acid. He was sober and straight during the performance. It was the crowd that made him perform with such energy.

The KISS Strolling Around NYC

https://historydaily.org/content/61930/25209b6885b338f99b93403b4d05b588.jpg The KISS band doesn’t need any introduction as they were the most famous rock band of the 20th century. Formed in 1973, the rock band’s original lineup was unforgettable. The band changed with time due to many reasons but the original lineup mad the band what it is now.

Here in this picture you can see the original lineup of the KISS band in NYC. This was the early years for the band as it was just growing and making its place in the music industry. This one is rare.

19TH Century Marriage Advice


Before marrying it is very important to make sure you know your partner and making a right decision. It is something that you need to consider very carefully. However, if you ever face any problem you can take a look at this marriage advice book published in the 19th century.

Many say it is an old book but many advices may still work. You never know when it might help you and save you from making a wrong decision. No doubt, that don’t marry is still the advice you would give to your closest ones.

The Old McDonald’s


McDonald’s is one of the oldest fast food chains in the world. It was the first chain that brought fast food to the world. Opened in 1955, the food chain was on a small scale but was waiting for Ray Kroc to get his first hamburger.

Since then the fast food chain saw a new time. Now you see “Over 99 Billion Sold” but all that started in the 70s. In the above picture you can see the McDonald’s menu in 70s. It tells us how it evolved and still a leading fast food chain.

Robert Plant and Family


Led Zeppelin was the first English rock band formed in the late 60s. Since then the band gave the best songs that came out. Robert Plant being the lead singer of the band was one of the most favorite singers of all time. He was the voice of Led Zeppelin.

Many saw him with the band but very few knew his family. Here is a rare picture of Robert Plant with his family in Wales. This picture was taken near their home in Wales and looks like they were back from a long walk.

An Inspiration For The Greats


If you want to know what it takes to be an inspiration for the greatest musicians, such as David Bowie and the Rolling Stones, then you must look at Claudia Lennear. She was a soul singer that used to perform with Tine and Ike Turner while she was also singing backup for Humble Pie.

Lennear had a fulfilling career, and it began early in the 70s. She also starred in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.

Besides that, Lennear was also in the Brown Sugar spread of Playboy Magazine in 1974. However, she left the entertainment industry and went on to become a teacher.

The Stars of American Graffiti


If you have seen the 1973 movie, the American Graffiti then you may be familiar with these faces. Yes, it is Ron Howard and Cindy Williams sitting on the stairs during the shoot of the movie in 1973. This project was surely the one that gave both the stars their big breaks.

After this Howard and Williams got a chance to star in sitcoms. It all had to start from somewhere and now they are the senior stars of the industry. “Time surely flies if you have a lot to do”, say Howard in an interview.

The Iconic BMW R11


The BMW R series motorbikes are some of the most powerful bikes you will ever get to see. However it all started from this. The BMW R11 series in 1929 were the first ones ever that were manufactured. Many found the design of these bikes funny.

The R11 series were manufactured for only six years and around 75,000 units were made. Not many people know about this bike and that is why this is a rare picture of this series bike. And now BMW manufactures some of the crazy motorbikes in the world.

The 70s Recorder

https://historydaily.org/content/61930/5527075c78d12e458be325ad50459a63.jpg You may see these gadgets in films based on old time as these were one of the highly used gadgets all around the world. Not only a cassette player but also a recorder that made work easier for many people.

Every journalist had this in their bag. On the other hand, many had this in their homes to record their favorite shows and sport matches. This was one handy gadget that was a part of every household. Seeing this picture may refresh your memory. From the 60s the voice recorder evolved and then came Sony Walkman.