‘Supernatural’ Spinoff: ‘The Winchesters’ in Works According to Jensen Ackles

Supernatural is one of the topmost loved and famous shows to ever exist on television. The show was aired from 2005 till 2020 with a total of 15- seasons and was a hit among people, gaining fans rapidly when it first came out. The plot of the show revolved around two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, respectively. It revolved around paranormal events and them hunting down vampires, monsters, demons, and much more.

There have been previous attempts in making a spinoff out of the dark fantasy series, “Supernatural”, such as “Bloodlines” but they were never successful and faced a lot of criticism. However, this time the fans are super excited and have a lot of expectations for the upcoming prequel

So, if you’re a huge fan of Supernatural, we’ve got some amazing news for you! There’s a prequel, called “The Winchesters, that is currently being worked on. To find out more details of this soon-to-come show, read on below!

What will be the plot for The Winchesters?

Jensen Ackles, the main lead in the dark fantasy series, “Supernatural”, promised his fans that this is not the end when the show finished. He, along with his wife Danneel Ackles formed Chaos Machine Productions and decided that the first show they want to produce will be related to the Supernatural series. That’s when they came up with the idea of having an origin story that will revolve around Dean and Sams Winchesters parents’ relationship and the life they led.

The parents, John and Mary portrayed by Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick, respectively have been previously featured in Supernatural as young adults. In the new series, “The Winchesters” the actor Jensen Ackel will resume his role as Dean Winchester and narrate the story of how the parents met, their love, and how they saved the world together.

When will the prequel be aired?

The CW confirmed that The Winchester has only been approved for a pilot episode in February 2022 and when the filming finishes and all goes well then they will have to issue a series order so that the episodes can be aired.

The cast and crew of the “Winchesters”

For now, the only information available regarding who’ll be casting in this much-awaited series is that Jensen Ackles will be coming back as Dean Winchester. The star is also a part of the production team and will be helping behind-the-scenes as well with his wife.  The former Supernatural writer, Robbie Thompson will act as the executive producer along with making the script for the new series.

A lot of the cast members of Supernatural have shown their interest in being a part of this project including Ruth Connell who played Rowena and, Misha Collins who played everyone’s favorite, Castiel.

One of the cast members, Jared Padalecki aka Sam Winchester was surprised and hurt when he found out about the new show through Twitter only. He expressed his feelings of being “gutted” to not being involved in the process, however, the two on-screen brothers and real-life friends put aside the differences and still consider themselves as brothers.