The Inside Scoop Of No Doubt By Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani, the 51-year old singer gave a pretty unique, remote interview to Jimmy Kimmel recently. It was all about the past, the present, and what the future holds. One of the most prominent parts of the conversation was about the band that Gwen Stefani was a part of before, No Doubt. The band didn’t survive and broke up after running for a long and successful time. 

The History

Jimmy stated that he saw the band do a concert on one big radio show which he was a part of. At that time, he was running a morning show. He remembers her unforgettable performance where she climbed up 100 feet. Isn’t that phenomenal? She performed with her band for a long time and Jimmy reminded her that there was a time during the mid-90s when he remembers her clearly taking the lead as one the most amazing bands. The band was performance mainly in the Orange County during this time. 

Is Gwen Still In Contact With The No Doubt Members?

To make things more interesting, the talk-show host, Jimmy, asked the singer whether she still talked to the band members of No Doubt. The answer was pretty simple. They are very much in contact. However, do they ever plan on getting back together? That’s a different ball game altogether. There is only confirmation that they still communicate with one another even to this day. 

The Iconic Album: Tragic Kingdom 

If there is one thing that Gwen was pretty emotional about was her third studio album, the Tragic Kingdom. She mentioned how the song of the album, Tragic Kingdom, was about her relationship with the band member, Tony, and how it revolved around their breakup. It was clear that talking about this all made her feel a bit more emotional. It brought back memories, and with the recent 25th anniversary of the album, it was even more emotionally moving for her. 

The Unimaginable Truth 

Gwen was reluctant at first at answering whether the band is going to get back together at some point in the future or not. But what the unimaginable truth for her is that they got to spend about 30 years making and creating music which was loved by their fans. It was quite a thrilling experience and something that brings up fond memories for Gwen. She barely started the band with her brother, and having to accept that the band lasted for 30 years is pretty astonishing on its own. 

The Future

Jimmy went on to ask Gwen whether or not the band was getting back together at any point in the future. To this, Gwen had no clear answer. But after prodding, she mentioned that if it was possible for her to foresee things, she would try to give an answer to this. But currently, she doesn’t see this happening any time soon. The singer went on to showcase her skills on the show by performing one of her new songs, the Slow Clap. The interview was pretty informative and fun to watch.