The Mitford Sisters Pursuit of Love

The Pursuit of Love is one of Amazon Prime’s most popular drama series. The series is based on a novel by Nancy Mitford. The novel with the same name was first published in 1945 and is part of a trilogy. The story revolves around a fictional elite-class English family. However, the story arcs of characters in the novel show that the novel is about the Mitford family. Nancy Mitford based the characters in the novel on her family and friends. The tragic overtone of the series isn’t something fictional but based on the actual experiences of Nancy Mitford.

History of the Mitford Family

Almost all countries in the world have a prominent political family. There are many prominent political families in Britain but none of them have been as popular as the Mitford family.

The Mitford family is a well-known family in the United Kingdom. They have been involved with the British aristocracy for many generations, and are counted among the most important families of England. They have provided members to the House of Lords, and have had a major impact on British politics. The family’s prominence increased with the popularity of Mitford sisters and their political views.

The Mitford Siblings and Their Problems

As mentioned above there have been many prominent political families but none has made such an impact as the Mitford family. The most prominent members of this family are the six sisters. These siblings had a great impact on British politics through their support for appeasement with Nazi Germany before and during World War II. The Mitford family supported fascism, anti-Semitism, and communism. Diana Mitford and Unity Mitford were really close to Adolf Hitler whereas Jessica Mitford was a communist. Their different political views also caused a rift between the sisters and forced them to go against each other. We are expecting to see a fictionalized version of some of these important clashes on our screens in the Pursuit of Love. Even though the novel is classified as comic, there are tragic and serious undertones in the novel and the series as well. And when you realize that these undertones are based on real stories, that is what makes it darker.

Deborah Mitford or later Deborah Cavendish lived the longest out of all sisters. She passed away at the age of 94 in 2014. At the time of her death she is speculated to be the last Briton to have met Hitler.

Turning the Novel into a Miniseries

Emily Mortimer has done a really good job in directing the respective mini-series. Many people might think about the words fascist and communist when they think about the Mitford sisters but there would be some who would also add the word ‘tragic’. Their lives were glamorous but they were also very tragic. There was too much drama in their lives that as portrayed by Nancy Mitford in her novels. All this drama, demanded a TV show so people can know how the famous aristocrats lived their lives and the factors that motivated them to make questionable choices when it came to political affiliations.