Top 50 War Movies That You Must Watch

War movies are some of the best films anyone can see. That is because many of us have never experienced being in such a period. Therefore, a well-done war film can help us learn more about our soldiers’ life.

Besides that, war movies are a great way to grab some knowledge about our history. For example, you can learn about the battles in your country. Additionally, you can get to know about war heroes.

With that said, if you’re looking for films about war, you’re in the right place. Here are the fifty movies that you should watch if you haven’t already.

Saving Private Ryan – 1988

Saving Private Ryan is one of the most popular war movies in cinema history. Not only that, but it was well-loved by the audience. The film wasn’t based on a true story. That is why there are some historical inaccuracies, but they’re minor.

Besides that, the film got many of the war techniques right. The squad costuming and tactics were perfect. However, the one thing that makes this film stand out is the opening scene.

The opening was a recreation of the Omaha beach storming and was shot with the highest accuracy. Many WWII veterans rushed out of the cinema because the honest depiction of the scene was triggering.

Braveheart – 1995

Do you wonder which parts of the film Braveheart were inaccurate? Well, the whole movie was a mess. The timelines and use of kilts were genuinely wrong. The film also got many other things wrong.

For instance, the Battle of Stirling Bridge didn’t actually happen on a bridge. Despite the inaccuracies, the film has a compelling story. This is one of the reasons why people praise it highly.

The film deviated from the source material. However, it is still a good watch if you don’t care about accuracy. The actors played their parts with high skills. Braveheart is a great movie that isn’t true.

Gladiator – 2000

The Gladiator is not the best-represented film about the Roman Empire. However, it is undoubtedly an interesting one and does get some things right. Before the filming started, Ridley Scott hired a variety of historians to research material for the script.

During the shooting, Scott even made some last-minute changes. As a result, few cast members quit. But of course, the producers and writer went ahead with filming by getting new actors.

Once the film was released, it was praised for its direction. Moreover, the action scenes grabbed the attention of the audience. That is why many people have rated the film as excellent.

The Patriot – 2000

Mel Gibson is famous for acting in patriotic and war period movies. This one is a fictional periodic drama film. The plotline follows the tale of a farmer returning to military service during tough times.

Besides the war story, the film revolved around the vendetta that the lead character and his son had against a British commander. As per historians, the film is filled with various inaccuracies.

Some people even argue that the character of Gibson isn’t based on the man he is supposed to portray. Nonetheless, the film is supposed to be fictional. That is why it is best to watch it for entertainment rather than facts.

Green Zone – 2010

The film Green Zone is based on a book about the 2003 Iraq invasion. Matt Damon is the main lead of the movie. He brings the character of a US Army Chief to life.

As per the storyline, Damon’s character is responsible for distinguishing between reliable and fake information. Critics didn’t praise the film much because of poor costumes and other things.

Besides that, there was no significant character development. However, the movie did have a lot of action scenes. So if you love a film with fights and, of course, Matt Damon, then Green Zone is a good watch.

Apocalypse Now – 1979

No list of war films can be complete without Apocalypse Now. It is an epic movie with a compelling storyline. Like many other films on this list, Apocalypse Now is also set during Vietnam War.

The crew of the film is quite famous and faced many struggles during the shooting. For instance, the director lost one hundred pounds during filming. Besides that, cast member Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack too.

Moreover, the film set was once destroyed because of a typhoon. Despite all the setbacks, the movie was completed. It was a blockbuster hit and was praised for depicting events accurately.

Platoon – 1986

Unlike most war films, Platoon has been made by a war veteran. He not only wrote the movie but also directed it. Oliver Stone served during the Vietnam War in 1968.

After returning from the military service, Stone started developing the screenplay for Platoon. Additionally, this is the first film he made for his Vietnam trilogy series. The movie follows the story of a fictional character, Charlie Sheen.

When the movie was released, it was highly praised by various critics and veterans. The battle sequences were shot with great direction and authenticity. That is why many veterans stated that they felt like they were reliving the events when watching the movie.

Full Metal Jacket – 1987

The Full Metal Jacket was made in 1987 by Stanley Kubrick. He wanted to make a film about US Marines during the Vietnam War. He aimed to depict the scenes with high accuracy.

Therefore, Kubrick researched for about four years before filming Full Metal Jacket. He watched video footage of various soldiers and studied hundreds of war photographs. Kubrick even read a variety of newspapers about the Vietnam War.

After completing his research, he finally started the filming of the movie. Besides that, Stanley even hired an actual drill instructor from the Vietnam War. As a result, Full Metal Jacket was highly accurate and authentic.

Jarhead – 2005

Jarhead is one of the few war films that won a lot of awards. The movie is based on a book written by Anthony Swofford. But unlike the novel, the filmmakers paid great attention to representing the psychological issues soldiers face accurately.

At times you won’t find the movie pretty, and it might trigger you. However, that is what makes it an excellent war movie. This is because soldiers do face such trauma and struggle to cope.

A former Marine also called Jarhead’s portrayal of alienation faced by troops to be spot on. So if you’d like to watch a movie about psychological trauma, check out Jarhead.

The Last Samurai – 2003

Many film critics praised the intention of The Last Samurai. Not only that, but they appreciated the efforts put into the film. This is one of the reasons why the movie is on this list.

However, keep in mind that there are various critics who say that the film isn’t historically accurate. This is true to some extent, but that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t worth watching.

Tom Cruise brings the leading character of Nathan Algren to life. His acting is flawless, and the story is compelling. Thus, as a fictional war film, the movie is impressive.

Pearl Harbor – 2001

The film Pearl Harbor isn’t the best one to watch if you’re looking for accurate facts about the event. It portrays one of the worst terrorist attacks that took place in America. Ironically, the film was released in the same year as 9/11.

While the film showed Pearl Harbor events, they weren’t accurate. Besides that, the primary focus of the movie was romance. Additionally, the makers didn’t try to disguise modern ships to align with that era.

For people interested in history this film isn’t the best. But if you want to watch a romance movie set in the war period, then Pearl Harbor will be right up your alley.

Windtalkers – 2002

To some people, Windtalkers is a great movie. However, as per critics, it had the potential to do better. The film is one of the first ones to emphasize the role of Navajo code talkers during WWII.

Windtalkers follows the story of a soldier protecting a code talker. Nicholas Cage played the role of the soldier. Thus, the makers put more focus. This is something that the critics didn’t like.

Many critics have blasted the movie for putting the code talker as a supporting character rather than leading. Despite the criticism, many people love the film. That is why we suggest you watch Windtalkers before judging it.

Alexander – 2004

The movie follows the life of king Alexander the Great. He was one of the best Greek warriors in history. That is why it was supposed to be an epic film for Oliver Stone.

However, the film was a condensed version of the warrior’s life. For example, long wars were depicted as one battle. Additionally, the primary focus of the movie was romance.

So for a history buff, Alexander is not a great film. However, for periodic romance lovers, it can be entertaining. Thus, whether or not this movie is a must-watch depends on your taste. We suggest you give it a chance if you don’t mind the inaccuracies.

1917 – 2019

Sam Mendes is a highly competent director. His war film 1917 is an outstanding piece of cinematography. By far, this is one of the finest WWI movies in cinema history.

The film was released two years ago and got high praises. Not only that, but actual trenches were dug to depict the scenes realistically. After 18 years, this was the first film that got nominated in the visual effects category of the Oscar.

What’s so great is that it won the Oscar. That is why you should watch this masterpiece. We can guarantee that you will love the compelling story.

Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World – 2003

The Master and Commander is an exceptional film that revolves around the 1805 Napoleonic Wars. It is based on a novel but includes a variety of historically accurate facts. The film follows the friendship of a British Navy Captain and doctor of the ship HMS Surprise.

In the movie, HMS Surprise is assigned to pursue an enemy vessel. However, while doing that, the crew is met with an attack by a stronger ship. The story is slow-paced yet depicts naval battles correctly.

Apart from that, you will get to see the daily tasks of sailors on ships. The film also sheds light on some barbaric medical actions. Hence, it is worth watching.

Rescue Dawn – 2006

This 2006 movie is based on the true story of Deiter Dengler, a German-American pilot. The film version was adapted from a documentary. It follows the life of Dengler, who was captured by the Laotians during the Vietnam War. Christian Bale shows the suffering of the pilot as accurately as he could.

All moments from the capture, to imprisonment, to torture, and finally to escape were carried out authentically. Rescue Dawn showed the life of imprisoned people at internment camps honestly. Additionally, the makers beautifully captured the sense of hope that encouraged Deiter to escape.

So if you want to watch a true story film, we suggest you see Rescue Dawn.

Dunkirk – 2017

Dunkirk is a relatively recent war film that has been called one of the finest movies made about WWII. The thrilling drama was well-received by the majority of the critics.

Many even praised it for depicting historical events with accuracy and respect. The cinematography and direction of Dunkirk are primarily flawless. That is why it won eight Academy Award nominations.

Additionally, the movie took home accolades in various categories. With a stellar British cast, the film displayed a compelling story. The evacuation event was shot well too. That is why Dunkirk must be on your watch list of war movies.

Letters From Iwo Jima – 2006

The Letters From Iwo Jima is the masterpiece of Clint Eastwood. The film is shot through the narrative of the opponent’s side. Before this movie, Eastwood had made Flag of Our Fathers. This one depicts the same battle but through the American side.

Even though the film showed the opponent’s side, it was praised a lot. That is because the scenes about Japanese soldiers were depicted authentically. It showed their courage during WWII.

Additionally, it makes sense the film was made with accuracy. That is because it is based on a book that a Japanese General wrote. Some of his quotes were mentioned in the movie too.

Glory – 1989

The film Glory is set during the Civil War period. It is mainly about a white soldier (Robert Shaw) who is made in charge of an all-black regiment. The movie is highly accurate because it is based on the letters written by Shaw.

Throughout the film, you can see the honest depiction of race relations during the Civil War. There are many scenes in the movie that shows brutal combat. The film depicts the graveness of war injuries and how horrific they can be.

Besides that, the depiction of field hospitals was highly accurate. Glory showed with honesty that field hospitals aren’t much help when soldiers are fatally injured.

We Were Soldiers – 2002

We Were Soldiers is based on a book that a former US Army General wrote. It is about the Battle of Ia Dang that took place during the Vietnam War for three days. The General claimed so far Hollywood didn’t get the battle right.

Hence in 2002, Randal Wallace decided to make a film about it with high accuracy. According to the former General, the director came very close to getting the battle right. The tactics by the soldiers were highly accurate.

For example, soldiers used to fire into a bush to bring the enemy out during that time. Many other scenes were honest too.

Black Hawk Down – 2001

The film Black Hawk Down is based on a non-fictional journalist who was trapped in Somalia during the Battle of Mogadishu. The movie was praised a lot for its style. Additionally, it was commended for paying attention to small details.

In the movie, you can accurately see how the Black Hawk helicopter crash happened. Moreover, the tactics shown by US soldiers during the attack were authentic too.

The one thing that the film didn’t focus on was the political tensions that resulted in the battle. However, the movie was a great tribute to soldiers who were martyred in Somalia.

Stalingrad – 1993

In cinema history, there are two movies named Stalingrad. One of them was released in 1993 in Germany. Meanwhile, the other was made by Russia in 2013. The Russian version was highly exaggerated, but the 1993 film was called the most accurate war film.

Stalingrad is one of the few war films that didn’t shy away from depicting violent scenes. There were parts in which piled-up corpses were shown. Besides that, the film honestly expressed the confusion and fear soldiers experienced.

Once the movie came out, Germany was highly praised. That is because they showed the losing side of the war with great precision.

Lone Survivor – 2013

The Lone Survivor is made after a book with the same name. It depicts the true story of four Navy SEALs stationed in Afghanistan. The story follows the real-life experience of the soldiers during a Taliban attack.

Many of the action scenes were overdramatic to gain the attention of the audience. However, all the events that happened in the movie did actually take place. So historically, the film’s timeline is highly accurate.

Some scenes were also displayed authentically. For example, the SEALs did jump down cliffs to avoid gunfire. Additionally, Mike Murphy indeed lost his life in the same way that the film showed.

Hamburger Hill – 1987

Hamburger Hill was released in 1987 after the release of two other war movies. That is why it went unnoticed and is an underrated film that deserved more attention. Despite the lousy release timing, it was praised for depicting daily life during the war period accurately.

The film showed various difficulties faced by people during wartime. Besides that, the research for the movie was done thoroughly. For example, the grunt slang in the film was nailed by the actors.

Additionally, Hamburger Hill was praised by historians for not deviating from the events. For instance, one historian stated that the battle scenes were everything an audience could ask for.

84C MoPic – 1989

84C MoPic is the perfect example of a found footage film. It is a lost gem about the Vietnam War. The best part is that it is written and directed by a veteran of Vietnam.

What the audience gets to see in this film is documentary footage from the view of a cameraman. This individual is assigned to an LRRP team stationed in the North Vietnamese region. According to various entities, the film is perfectly correct.

From the language of the soldiers to the radio communications, all aspects of this movie are accurate. Even the weapons that were used in filming aligned with the Vietnam time.

M*A*S*H – 1970

This 1970 movie was supposed to be perceived as a black comedy about the Korean War. The original intention of the film was to get a response for Vietnam. However, that doesn’t mean it is inaccurate or does not portray the war period properly.

The daily routines of the individuals on base are entirely correct. Additionally, the tactics they used to maintain their sanity are also actual. That is why this film still manages to get the war period right.

What’s excellent about M*A*S*H is that it wasn’t overly dramatized like most other war movies. This is one of the reasons why it managed to retain accurate details about the MASH unit.

Come And See – 1985

If you’d like to watch an accurate movie about Nazi atrocities, then Come and See should be on your list. The film follows the story of a young boy living in Nazi-occupied territory. From his eyes, the audience gets to see the barbarity Nazis ensued on civilians.

This movie is one of the best war films because of its realistic portrayal of violence. For example, you will get to see Nazis throwing grenades towards houses for a gag. Besides that, the climax was nearly unwatchable due to its authenticity.

You may believe that the film dramatized the violent details. However, that is not true. If you research thoroughly, you will find footage of many same actions that Nazi soldiers did.

Enemy At The Gates – 2001

This is another film about the Battle of Stalingrad. However, this time it is from the Soviet viewpoint. The movie has a gripping plot and follows the fierce fight that ensued between two snipers during Stalingrad.

The makers did take some liberty when filming some of the scenes. But that does not mean the movie showed the condition of the Soviets inaccurately. For example, the desperation that soldiers depicted was true.

Besides that, the film is also one of the few movies that shed light on the role of female soldiers. That is why it is a great watch if you are a history buff.

Sergeant York – 1941

Sergeant York is one of the oldest war films that you’ll find. It is based on the real-life story of Alvin York, a WWI soldier. Alvin is one of the highly acclaimed soldiers of that period.

During his, life York killed at least 25 German soldiers. He also captured more than thirty machine guns. Not to mention he has a count of capturing 132 war prisoners.

The producers got this movie right because they listened to the actual Sergeant York. They used his input to make the scenes authentic. Additionally, all characters were based on real-life soldiers of Alvin’s platoon.

Das Boot – 1981

Many German movies have depicted the war period correctly. Das Boot is included amongst them. It is set in the 1942 period and follows the story of a German U-Boat crew in the Battle of the Atlantic.

Das Boot truly showed the lives of soldiers in submarines. It also accurately depicted the struggle of soldiers to understand the motives of the Nazis. The realistic portrayal by the actors makes this film a worthy watch.

Another thing the makers got right is the interior and display of a U-Boat. So if you’d like to know more about this submarine, you should indeed watch Das Boot.

Tora! Tora! Tora! – 1970

The Pearl Harbor attack happened in 1941. Then nearly thirty years later, the movie Tora! Tora! Tora! was released. What’s so interesting about this film is that American and Japanese filmmakers directed it.

Quite a lot of research and historical resources were used to make this film. The directors aimed to tell the unbiased story from both sides’ viewpoints. That is why they got many things about the event right.

For instance, the word “Tora” was a codeword that the Japanese used during the mission. Besides that, an accurate aircraft model that the Japanese flew was created to film the scenes correctly. For this reason, the movie is a great watch.

Act Of Valor – 2012

Act of Valor was released in 2012 and is an action thriller film. The story follows the story of Navy SEALs rescuing a captured CIA operative. The plot is entirely fictional, but the action is quite accurate.

The film was highly praised for its realistic portrayal of Navy SEALs. Even a former SEAL that a film critic interviewed said that the Navy would indeed appreciate the movie.

Additionally, the makers didn’t cast actors for playing the characters. Instead, they hire active SEAL members to play the leading roles. Therefore, you may find the acting average. However, the accuracy and portrayal make up for it.

The Great Escape – 1963

The Great Escape is one of the iconic Hollywood films in the entertainment industry. But did you know that it also achieved the title of being the most accurate?

At that time, the movie wasn’t exactly praised for accuracy. Of course, that is because back then, it didn’t matter much to people. However, in today’s time, the audience prefers authentic portrayal over inaccurate.

Just like in real life, three men dug a tunnel in the movie to help prisoners of war escape. That is why The Great Escape is one of the best war period movies you can watch now.

U-571 – 2000

U-571 is a war period film with famous cast members such as Jon Bon Jovi. The story is about US soldiers stealing a coding machine during WWII from a German submarine. However, the film doesn’t accurately portray the event.

It was British soldiers who took the machine. This inaccuracy caused the film to receive a lot of criticism. After all, it downplayed the part of Allied forces during the war. Despite that, the tale of the film is compelling.

So if you can look past the incorrect facts, you will find it interesting. Additionally, the cast members display the expressions and scenes fantastically.

The Hurt Locker –2008

The Hurt Locker is one of the best war films that you can watch today. Not only that, but it is the only movie directed by a female that has won an Oscar.

The film follows the story of a bomb disposal team in Iraq. Critics praised the movie a lot, and some even called it intelligent. Despite that, the veterans disagree with the depiction of soldiers.

However, the disagreeing views do not change the fact that The Hurt Locker has a compelling story. That is why we recommend you watch it. After all, it didn’t win an Oscar for the best film without reason.

Red Tails – 2012

Red Tails is one of the underrated movies set in the war period. The movie follows the plotline of Tuskegee Airmen. This was a squadron of African-American soldiers who served in WWII.

At times the movie seemed patronizing towards the squadron. That is why many critics believe that it could have been better. However, historically the film got some facts right. For instance, the dogfights were represented accurately.

Additionally, the Red Tail pilots did fight off the combat plane that was shown in the film. Besides that, the characters had interesting storylines. Thus, the movie should be on your watch list.

The Green Berets – 1968

The Green Berets is another epic movie about the Vietnam War. It is based on a fictional novel written by Robert Moore. The plot follows the story of anti-communist platoon fighters.

During that time, the Vietnam sentiment was running high amongst the citizens. Additionally, the film showed the positive involvement of America in the war. That is why the President gave military cooperation to the crew.

Critics have disagreeing views about The Green Berets. However, the audience loves the film. Some people call it a tear-jerker. Meanwhile, others with Vietnam veterans state that it depicts the ugly side of the war accurately.

Flyboys – 2006

The Flyboys is set during the WWI period. It focuses on the journey of young men who train and become fighter pilots. Additionally, the film also depicts the aerial dogfights that these pilots face in France.

Every character of the film is based on an actual person from the real-life Lafayette Flying Corps squad. Thus, you can see the real struggles they faced during the war.

However, keep in mind that many techniques shown in the movie were inaccurate. So if you’re looking for a war movie backed by facts, then Flyboys fail. But as a drama film, it is highly entertaining and worth watching.

The Battle Of The Bulge – 1965

Warner Bros made this 1965 film to depict the Battle of the Bulge accurately. This event took place in 1945 during WWII. The makers intended to create a historically accurate war film.

The events of the film were true, and many things were correct. However, when it came to the props, the crew failed to provide attention. That is because the tanks being used in the film were incorrect.

Besides that, some battle scenes were shown to be easier than they were. However, most of the information and order of events were correct. Thus, this movie is a good watch.

Revolution – 1985

Revolution is not an accurate war movie. In fact, it surpasses the number of inaccuracies. For example, costumes weren’t up to par for that era. Besides that, some details of the Yorktown Battle were also wrong.

Many of the scene locations were inaccurate too. Despite all these things, many people are a fan of this film. One of the reasons why people like this movie is because of the outstanding performance of Pacino.

Not only that, but the dialogue delivery in some scenes is great. Thus, Revolution may not be the best war film, but it deserves a watching chance.

The Red Baron – 1971

The Red Baron is a 1971 film that is set in the WWI era. The story focuses on two fighter pilots who ensue in an aerial dogfight. Real biographies and names are used in the film for the characters.

However, besides that, the film was primarily fictionalized. Therefore, it is also inaccurate at many points. But that is understandable. After all, the movie didn’t have a high budget due to a lack of funding.

While the movie didn’t show accurate aerial fights, it was still entertaining. So if you watch the film without overanalyzing it, then you won’t be disappointed.

The Finest Hour – 1991

Do you want to watch a romance movie set in the Gulf War period? If so, then The Finest Hour will entertain you. The film has a cliched plot and probably would have done better without the war content.

Nonetheless, the storyline was compelling for the 20th century. The film followed the lives of two Navy SEALs who were best friends. However, their friendship was tested due to a woman.

The plot may be cliched for today’s times, but it wasn’t back then. That is why many people did like the film. So if you want to watch the movie primarily for romance, we suggest you go for it.

Cross Of Iron – 1977

The Cross of Iron is another WWII movie. However, in this film, the events of the Eastern Front are shown. It primarily revolves around the conflict between a Prussian officer and an infantry captain.

Sam Peckinpah directed the film and got high praises for his work. That is because the storytelling of the movie was powerful. The scenes had an impact and kept the audience watching till the end.

The film even got a rating of B+ by the Guardian for its accurate information. That is why Cross of Iron is an excellent watch for history lovers and regular war film lovers.

To Hell And Back – 1955

This 1955 movie is a technicolor war film. It follows the story of Audie Murphy, a highly decorated combat soldier of WWII. The best part is that the makers decided to use Murphy to play his role.

After the film hit the theatre, it got high praises from various networks. Even New York Times wrote a piece on the film. One of the things people loved was that the movie depicted the courage of Murphy with accuracy.

If you want to watch a war film about true gallantry and courage, you must see this movie. We guarantee it will be the best 1 hour 46 minutes of your life.

All Quiet On The Western Front – 1930

The Great War or WWI is the topic of this war classic. It is based on a novel of two Germans who take part in the fight because of patriotism. However, the harsh truth about war catches up to them.

This film is a war classic but also a sorrowful tale of all the lives and things that were lost during that period. Various gruesome scenes were included in the movie.

Besides that, the film won Academy Awards in Best Director and Outstanding Production categories. This was the first time that a movie got accolades in both of these categories simultaneously.

Friendly Persuasion – 1956

Friendly Persuasion is an adaptation of its namesake 1945 novel. It follows the story of a South Indiana family during the American Civil War. The movie included highly acclaimed cast members such as Gary Cooper.

The film highlighted started with the anti-war beliefs of the family. However, as the war progresses, their ideology becomes conflicted. According to the critics, Friendly Persuasion is a masterpiece.

Additionally, the film also ranked in the Top Ten Films in a 1956 Award event. From the acting to the war events, everything was great in this movie. That is why we suggest you watch it.

The Longest Day – 1962

This is one of the films on this list that does not revolve around the World Wars or Vietnam. Instead, the subject of the movie is D-Day Landings that took place at Normandy in 1944.

The film had an ensemble cast, and people at the theatre loved it. Military consultants were also hired to depict the war events accurately. As a result, the film won two of the five Academy Awards that it was nominated for.

In 1994, a colorized version of The Longest Day also came out. Hence, you can watch either of the versions to enjoy a fantastic war movie.

Zulu – 1964

The British war movie Zulu is filled with excellent performances and perfect war scenery depiction. This film was also the first prominent role of Michael Caine.

Set in 1879, the film follows the events of the Anglo-Zulu War. The highlight of the movie is Battle of Rorke’s Drift. This occurred between the British cavalry and African Zulus in January of that year.

The director of Zulu consulted a tribal historian for the battle information before starting with the filming. This is one of the reasons why critics call the movie highly accurate.

Therefore, you should watch it to see something different from the typical World War films.

Stalag 17 – 1953

Are you looking for a war film that is a light watch? If so, you will love Stalag 17. It is a comedy-drama movie that revolves around American airmen in a German POW camp.

The film was a high success and described the escape attempts of war prisoners accurately. Additionally, every cast member gave a stellar performance. This is one of the reasons why the lead actor got an Oscar for his portrayal.

Besides that, Stalag 17 also inspired an American sitcom of the 1960s. The series was a success, just like this film. That is why we recommend you give Stalag 17 a watch.

Merrill’s Marauders – 1962

Merrill’s Marauders hit the theatres in 1962. It is based on a non-fictional book called The Marauders. The film revolves around a jungle warfare unit of the Burma campaign of WWII.

Jeff Chandler depicted the character of Frank Merrill. Unfortunately, this came to be his final role. The film was a huge success and was highly praised for the plotline.

What’s so great about the movie is that directed by a veteran. Not only that, but he also co-wrote the script. This is one of the reasons behind the financial success of the film. Critics and the public also love the movie. Hence you should give it a try.