When did Gigi Hadid Actually Discover She Was Pregnant?

Supermodel and singer Gigi Hadid had a baby girl in September 2020.  Sources reveal that the young model is a natural when it comes to motherhood and that she has slipped into her new role with much ease. While Gigi is enjoying being a new mama, her fans are still excitedly coming to terms with the idea of the 25-year-old as a mother.

Gigi and her boyfriend, the former One Direction star Zayn Malik, had in fact kept the news of Gigi’s pregnancy shielded from the media until August. Gigi also kept up a very active professional work front right up to the end of the pregnancy. The sudden and cryptic reveal by the celebrity duo left fans speculating as to when did Gigi actually find out about her pregnancy.

Turns out that Gigi learnt of her pregnancy the day before she walked in the Tom Ford show on February 7, 2020.

The 25-year-old model tells her fans that she found out she was pregnant less than 24 hours before walking down the runway. She was feeling extremely sick and her mother, Yolanda Hadid, gave her lots of snacks to help her with the nausea. In fact, Yolanda, it appears, helped her daughter fight morning sickness with snacks prior to every event she participated in thereafter. Gigi mentions that her nausea during the pregnancy was really bad but she had found out that continuously munching helped her control her nausea. She feels grateful her mother was around to help her out during these testing moments at work.

Gigi’s revelation came in the form of a response to a fan’s tweet. The Twitter user wanted to know if she already knew she was pregnant when she was on the catwalk for the Jacquemas show on January 18, 2020.

Apart from telling her fans about the moment she discovered her pregnancy, Gigi also lets the public know what she craved for the most during this pregnancy. She wrote: “It went it waves. Everything bagels [with] extra cream cheese, triple-chunk brownies. For breakfast — sourdough toast and tomato olive oil salad with lots of salt and pepper LOL. And [Zayn Malik]’s ribs with fries. Random. Also arugula salads.”

Despite controlling her sickness with a continuous need to munch, Gigi did face some very tough days. Her assignments in Europe were especially testing as bagels were hard to come by. The only time she managed to get bagels were when she was in London thanks to Taylor Hill. She tried to substitute them with bread and Dutch cream but it did not work the way bagels did. She tells her fans that in February, when she was backstage at Burberry, she experienced the “hardest day” with morning sickness.

She shared: “But during fashion month in Europe it was hard to find bagels so I ate mostly bread and Dutch cheese. Except for in London, Taylor [Hill] gave me bagels. Backstage at Burberry [in February 2020] was the hardest day with the nausea, I remember.”