Why was Harry Styles’ Ero moved from the main storyline to the afterlife in “Eternals”?

The inclusion of Harry Styles’ Eros in the Eternals semi-scene (which was also shown in the feature film) may have been a major part of the film. In a conversation with The Direct, playwright Ryan Firpo stated that he and his cousin, Kaz Firpo, considered inserting Eros, an Eternal in his own right and Thanos’ best siblings, as well as several of the film’s key characters.

“When we first started planning our presentations, we basically just had tiny pictures of, let’s say, approximately 40 different Eternals,” Ryan added. “So we started picking out almost all the images that we liked.” The commentator continues, “So [Eros] was certainly a card that climbed up on the screen to be in the big movie.”

In the end, the families decided to concentrate the story on Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris’ love story (Richard Madden). As a consequence, two incredibly beautiful male Eternals are ruled out. “We figured that when there is Ikaris, now there can’t be true Eros,” Ryan continued.

Considering that, the writers did not forsake Eros, instead directing him to the final moment alongside Pip the Troll (voiced by Patton Oswalt, a comedian). “We recognized him as a fantastic person who could potentially be our portal into the greater universe, the broader community of Eternals out there,” Ryan explained. In the end, we decided he’d become the best last image to show, especially considering his connection to Thanos.” Then I’d say he wasn’t really a significant character in the story, but the idea of putting him within the piece had been floating around since the start.”

In the following conversation with SYFY WIRE, Kaz stated that Eros would have been on their minds at all times. “There was somebody we believed would be a terrific encounter from the beginning, and we believed he’d simply light a small firecracker and send us off on a different path,” he added. “I think he will construct a big door through which specific people will want to pass.”

Because of the cast’s infinite charms, Kaz described Eros as a massive “rock star” who reminded him of the late David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. “I suppose it’d have to be Harry,” he said, “but I also think it was a fantastic choice.” Furthermore, I think he has had an interesting journey, beginning with Dunkirk… But I’m confident that he’ll have had much more fun launching off into space within the next stage. “

The film Eternals is currently playing in theatres all over the globe. Marvel Studios has yet to announce a sequel.