Willow Smith: The New Ambassador Of Mugler

Unless you live under a rock, you must know who Willow Smith is. However, for those of you who don’t, she is a famous musician. Her recent venture includes joining Mugler Fashion as their new ambassador.

Alien perfume is Mugler’s classic that many of us love. It is a defining fragrance of its time. That is why the fashion house has decided to renew the scent with a new touch.

Here is everything you need to know about the new addition to the Alien line.

Alien Goddess

Alien Goddess is the new fragrance of Mugler that will be hitting the stores on 15th August. The perfume is based on the concept of modern femininity. It is one of the reasons why the brand asked Willow to be the face of the fragrance.

Mugler’s senior perfumer has said that they used coconut water and added some notes of royal jasmine. Apart from that, the fragrance also includes notes of Madagascar bourbon vanilla. All of these substances have kept the scent light and floral.

Willow Smith As The New Ambassador

If any of you is a Willow Smith fan, then you’d surely know about her love for perfumes. She has been into fragrances since her childhood. Willow had even shared that her mother used to formulate all sorts of scents when she was young.

For many of us, toys used to be a source of joy as a kid. However, for Willow, that source was and still is fragrances. One of the reasons that attracted her to join Mugler is her childhood memories.

She was only a tiny kid when the original Alien scent hit the market. But like a lot of us, Willow has her own beautiful memories of the brand.

Willow Smith’s Connection To Alien Goddess

Every person is unique, and so we all have our own definitions of things. For some of you, Alien Goddess may be just another fragrance, but for Willow Smith, it is much more than that. For her, the scent is a manifesto that encourages us to be our authentic selves.

She has described Alien Goddess as a powerful message of hope, joy, and kindness. Smith says that the scent provides us the strength to learn who we are and achieve unique things. She has also said that the perfume can be used for all sorts of events and has a sensual feminine vibe.

Insight Into Smith’s Lifestyle

Willow is well-known for being a powerful authority and for her goddess-like beauty. Her secret to having glowing skin is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She has said that her skincare routine is simple, but she does love using various products.

Apart from that, Smith also practices yoga regularly. It has proved to be very beneficial for her and allows her to take a break. For her, yoga is a mindset and not just some way to flaunt moves.

To pick up your bottles of Alien Goddess, you can visit the Mugler website from 15th August. The scent will also be released in stores at ULTA Beauty and Sephora.